Casey Calvert Has You Caged


Femdom Casey Calvert has put you in a cage and ignores you to show you how much she doesn't care. 29 min

This will be a tease and denial clip. You are a slave to a domme and I am your slave. You just get home and into your bedroom. You notice me and you make seem like I am bound or in a cage. You ask me if I missed you, and you say good because as treat I can watch you get ready.

On the bed will be a a lacy dark lingerie set including, garter, black sheer stockings, heels, butt plug, and collar. You undress and begin to put on the lingerie set and collar for your master. Before you put on your panties you insert a butt plug cause your domme likes it then put on your panties. You the put the lingerie on slowly and show off your features. You notice I am getting too amused, but if I make too much noise your domme will be upset. You ask me if i want a show before your domme comes home only if I stay quiet.

I agree, but you think its funny cause I can’t even pleasure myself during the show because of my chasity. You start showing off your lingerie, your toes, your ass, your whole body. . You get so close to me/cage, but think its pathetic because I can’t even reach you. Eventually you take off your bra and show off your boobs, more of your legs, ass and feet.

Now the fact I can’t pleasure myself is turning you on, so you start to rub on your panties, the put your hands inside of your panties and masturbate. Then you realize your domme is going to be home soon, so you tell me be quiet and behave. To make sure you are ready for the master You take off your panties put them in your mouth and tape it shut.

Then for the last 2/3 minutes you get on the bed and ignore me while you wait for your domme to come. While you ignore me, you show off your features