Kendra James Lewd Assassin


Kendra James plays a lewd assassin in this custom video. Her mission is to find the neurotoxin and neutralize anyone that stands in her way. 11 min

Custom fetish video with Kendra James as a sexy assassin. Kendra receives a call from HQ – another job that only she can handle. Her mission is to infiltrate a heavily guarded warehouse, eliminate everyone there, and retrieve the neurotoxin that was stolen from a government lab. She quickly gets ready and leaves her secret lair in her sexy spandex pants. Kendra repels down the side of a building to land on the roof of another – this is where they have hidden the neurotoxin.

Kendra puts it into stealth mode as she carefully traverses the enemy’s hideout and takes out anybody in her way. She masterfully dispatches of each guard that she encounters and she searches each body thoroughly. Growing more sexually charged with each kill, Kendra grinds on the bodies as if just the thought of what she’s doing is enough to bring her to orgasm.

Kendra finally finds the vial she’s been desperately seeking and puts it in a safe place. She finishes off yet another guard and heads down the stairs to complete her mission. As she completes the task she’s been assigned, she collapses in a heated sexual frenzy touching herself over her tight spandex pants.

Mission accomplished!