Skate or Die 3: Felicity Feline


Felicity Feline shows up at the skating rink where you work and skates around, giving you the eye in a flirtatious way…. 19 min

Fetish: , ,

You are running the skate rental counter. A lady shows up to rent some skates. She laces them up and starts skating, which she seems to have done several times. You just watch her going around the rink while the music plays. She seems to be enjoying it. She dances along to some of the songs, casting glances at you and shooting you a mischievous smile. She unexpectedly falls a handful of times, but they are very spontaneous and sudden. She also loses her balance a few times. She just laughs each time she messes up and keeps skating.

She doesn’t say anything besides asking for the skates, thanking you, and the exclamations when she trips or falls. Her focus is on enjoying herself at the skating rink, off in her own little world, besides casting a few glances your way since you are the only other person there.