Nina Elle Pornstar Girlfriend


In this POV-style custom video, Nina is your devoted, loving trophy wife, welcoming you home at the end of a long work day. She’s very happy to see you and eager to spend some ‘quality time’ together. 50 min

The scene starts with Nina sitting down with you on the sofa. She wears her sexy, short dress – hiked up, with no bra or panties on underneath. She tells you about her day — like getting in a morning workout, doing her modeling photo shoot, meeting her friends for lunch, and shopping at the mall for new sexy outfits.

Nina flirts with you and dirty talks to you about how she missed you, how she doesn’t mind messing up her perfect makeup to please you. She tells you how she needs your cock to suck and fuck and fill all her holes. Nina starts to tease you, showing her tits, pussy and ass. She dirty talks to you about wanting you to caress her breasts and suck on her nipples, grab her ass, lick her pussy, and put your hands all over her body. Nina also seductively crosses and uncrosses her legs while seated next to me. Being extra naughty, she briefly spread her legs and her pussy lips to give you a sneak peek of her sweet pink.

Nina smiles and stands up and treats you to an erotic striptease / fashion show in her sexy dress.

She treats you to a combination of sensual modeling and explicit posing, caressing her body.
Nina dirty talks about being horny and wet for you all day. She seductively licks her fingers, caresses her tits, and slides her hand under her hiked-up dress to rub her pussy.

Nina invites you to unzip your pants, take out your cock, and stroke to her. Nina reacts with an excited expression and lick her lips when she sees you take your cock out. Nina eventually loses the dress completely and teases you with some erotic and explicit nude posing.

Nina tells you she has a surprise for you and shows you the new bikini she bought for our Labor Day weekend getaway. Nina puts on her bikini while smiling at you. To give you the full ‘poolside pussy’ experience, she then rubs lotion all over her skin to get it nice and glossy for you.

Nina does some naughty modeling in her bikini: posing, caressing her body, pulling the fabric of the top and bottoms to the side. She also dirty talks to you about the bikini being ‘easy access’ – for you to caress / suck on her nipples, rub / lick her pussy, and fuck her. Nina eventually loses the bikini entirely and ends this section of the video doing some more erotic and explicit nude posing for you.

Nina reclines on the sofa, spread her legs and pussy lips, and invite you to lick her. She talks dirty to you and occasionally rubs her clit while you lick her sweet pussy. She sighs and moans with pleasure.

Having warmed her up with your tongue, Nina is extra horny and eager to return the favor! Seeing your throbbing cock, she licks her lips, strips naked, kneels in front of you, and treats you to an intense, sloppy wet POV blowjob.

Nina performs lots of naughty actions on your cock including: sucking it deeply, licking the shaft up and down, giving the head wet kisses, slapping it on her face, deepthroating, making it sloppy wet with saliva trails between it and her mouth, and occasionally holding the deep position for a few second when she sucks you deep.

Nina does a bit of dirty talking during this section of the custom video – she focuses mainly on pleasuring you with her mouth. When she does talk dirty to you, she tells you how much she loves having your cock in her mouth and how pleasuring your cock makes her pussy wet.

Nina enjoys sucking you until she tastes your pre-cum. She licks up the sloppy mess of your pre-cum mixed with her saliva and tells you that she’s wet and ready to fuck.

Nina reclines on the couch, with her legs spread wide, alternating between fast and slow pace. She tells you how much she loves you and wants you to give it to her balls-deep.

Then, Nina is on all fours on the sofa, taking your cock from behind. She occasionally looks back at you as you pound her pussy.

After time spent enjoying her pussy, Nina braces herself and reacts as you switch from fucking her pussy to burying your cock in her tight ass with slow thrusts. Then you give her ass a break and switch holes – back to her tight pussy.

Nina slides her pussy down on your cock and rides you, alternating between fast and slow. She grinds on you with her hips. She talks dirty while you suck on her nipples and grab her ass.

She tells you about how much she enjoys the sensation of taking every inch of your cock and how you stretch her tight pussy. She knows you enjoy it too, since she can feel your cock getting even harder inside her.

You orgasm together

Still riding you in cowgirl position, Nina orgasms on your cock and then rides you to a climax. You hold her hips firmly down on your cock and fill her up with a big cream pie. Then Nina grinds on your cock, feeling your warm cum inside her, giggling and talking to you, enjoying the sensation.

She asks if you enjoy cumming inside your wife’s pussy. Nina stands up and catches all your cum dripping down her thigh from her pussy with her finger and licks it all up.

She then bends down to your cock. She lovingly sucks it deeply and licks it clean, not wanting to miss a drop.

To end the video, Nina stands in front of you, hands on hips, and smiles. She tells you how much she enjoyed your first fuck for the night and that she knows you want more of her pussy – just as much as she wants more of your cock. She smiles at you and suggests that you hop in the shower for round two…