Chanel Santini T-Girl Stripper Surprise (POV ONLY)


A man hires a stripper to come to his house for a lapdance. He is surprised to find out she has a cock and his sexuality boundaries are crossed big time. He becomes VERY into rubbing cocks with her and even sharing an orgasm with her. This is the POV ONLY version.
35 min

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Chanel Santini T-Girl Handjob
Some friends have hired Chad a stripper for his birthday and his gift is now in front of him. He is sitting fully clothed. Meanwhile his beautiful gift is a lovely looking stripper in bra and panties – the bulge of her cock and balls are obvious from the front. She grinds her butt against his lap and he’s getting really into it and can’t wait for her to grind on him face to face.

She turns around and he looks up to see her face and titties. He feels something unusual though and looks down and of course he gets a nice view of the bulge in her panties that is clearly not a pussy.

He: What the fuck?
TGirl: Is something wrong, baby?
He: Yeah, you have a cock.
TGirl: Mm and it’s so hard just for you.

He is about to shove her off and but she forces herself down on him and she grinds her (covered) cock and balls against his (in pants)

To his surprise, he gets even more turned on and doesn’t protest any further. Instead he grabs her ass and encourages her to continue grinding against him. He alternates between watching the clothed frottage and looking at her face and clothed boobs.

Eventually she stands up, teasing him with a close up of her bulge. She giggles, noticing him staring. “Did you want a look?”

He places hand on her hip and begins to pull down her panties as an answer.

Chanel removes his hand off of her and wags her finger as she pulls her panties back up.

“Somebody really wants some cock…”

Chanel smirks and turns around and bends over giving He a nice view of her cock, balls, and butt all at once (still in panties) then slowly removes her panties and rubs her butt cheeks against his lap again. She turns around and dangles her cock and balls in front of him, seductively dancing without touching him for maybe 30 seconds before he gets too horny to wait any longer and grabs her butt and pulls her closer back onto his lap.

“Seems to me you really want my cock after all.”

She grinds her bare cock and balls against his clothed lap for a bit.

After a minute or so, He has had enough and really wants more. “These pants are in the way.”

Chanel is feeling satisfied to have this man lusting after her so much. “Oh? Shall we compare our cocks?”

He begins to pull down his pants but Chanel stops him again, again wagging her finger.

“If we do this you have to really want the full cock experience… I want you begging for my cock to rub against yours.”

He agrees, “I want your cock. I want to feel you against me.”

Satisfied, Chanel slowly lowers herself off his lap and kneels on the floor to pull off his pants and boxers then again makes him wait by teasing him with her bare butt against his bare cock. After a minute or so, she gives him what he wants finally and turns around rubbing her bare cock and balls against his. Rubbing the heads together, rubbing the shafts together, both with her hands.

“When I am done with you, you won’t enjoy the feel of pussy ever again, you will just think about my cock making love to you.” He’ll have to be calling her back in the future if he ever wants to get off again… 🙂