Stepbro Panty Humiliation


Riley’s step brother has been sneaking into her room to admire her panty collection. She has caught him red-handed this time and she’s not letting him get away with it without teaching him a lesson. 25 min

Riley’s pervy stepbrother is jerking off while rummaging through his stepsister’s panty drawer. He thinks no one is in the house but she is actually hiding in her closet. She’s had suspicions about her stepbrother going through her panties so she set a trap to catch him in the act.

She steps out of the closet, surprising the stepbrother. Riley taunts him and says “Wait until Mom hears about this!” The stepbrother begs her not to. Riley says that she won’t tell anyone if he agrees to do whatever she says for the next 24 hours. He reluctantly agrees.

She dumps her entire panty drawer on the bed and starts rustling through the assorted panty collection. She picks out a pair of panties and tells him to put them on. Riley says that since he likes panties so much, he may as well wear them. He initially refuses, but she threatens to tell Mom about what she caught him doing.

He slowly starts to take off his pants. She gets impatient and pulls down his pants and boxers. She admires his package for a brief moment and pulls the panties up his legs. She tucks his junk into the panties… or at least tries to.

Riley rubs his cock and balls through the panties and makes him spin around so she can check out his butt. She is laughing at him and making fun of him throughout. After she is done checking him out, she makes him try on another pair of panties.

She makes him model several pairs and she strips off her skirt and starts modeling the panties with him. All throughout, Riley teases him by doing things like rubbing his crotch through his panties, pushing her ass against his crotch, giving him quick mini wedgies, etc.

She notices that the stepbrother is starting to get aroused so she starts rubbing his junk through the panties. She alternates between giving him a handjob and a pantyjob. He cums on the panties she is holding.

Afterwards, She wipes off his cock with a pair of panties. He starts to get dressed, but as he reaches for his boxers, his stepsister snatches them away and hands him a pair of panties instead.

He reluctantly takes the panties and begins to get dressed. Once he’s dressed, he leaves and his stepsister watches him go with a smile.