Lauren and Jay Licking Legs


Jay has a terrible condition where her legs will fall off if they're not constantly covered in human saliva. Luckily, Lauren is her best friend and will do anything for her. 29 min


Lauren enters Jay’s house, they say their greetings

Lauren: You called me but you didn’t tell me what for, you sounded worried. You are my best friend so you can tell me anything

Jay: Thank you. I’ve been to the doctor and he diagnosed me a very rare illness.

Lauren: Oh no… is there anything I can do?

Jay: Actually yes! I called you because you are my best friend so I know I can trust you with this request.

Lauren: Come on tell me what I have to do, I’ll do anything!

Jay: My illness affects my legs, they’ll have to amputate them unless something is done. Thankfully there’s a simple cure: the virus is weak to human saliva. So this is why I called you: I need your help to get better.

Lauren: Oh… sure I’ll do it, anything for my best friend!

Jay hugs Lauren

Jay: Thank you thank you thank you, I knew I could count on you!. But there’s just one thing: by licking my legs you’ll be infected too but I can just lick yours and we’ll both be fine!

Lauren: That’s perfect, let’s do it!

Jay goes on to sit in a tall chair with her thighs all spread

Jay smiles as Lauren starts touching Jay’s thighs, testing how soft they are, she even comments saying that they are really soft and good thighs.

then she starts kissing the thighs, slowly at first but then licking them all over and taking “bites” with her lips.

When she is done with the thighs then Jay crosses her legs and Lauren starts doing the same as before to her calf, starting from the ankle and working her way up, then taking particular care in thoroughly tasting the soft part of the calf.

Then Jay crosses the other leg over and Lauren does the same to that one.

When done Jay gets on her knees and Lauren finishes by licking the back part of her thighs and the back of the calves again.

After she is done licking every inch of Jay’s legs then Lauren says “guess it’s my turn now”

Jay: yes, thank you again for doing this, it will be a pleasure to return you the favor!

Lauren sits the same way and Jay licks her legs the same way Lauren licked hers.

When they are finally done then Lauren sits like at the start and jay climbs and sits on top of her legs.

Then Lauren says: “You know, I think I fell for you”

Jay: Me too