Juliette’s Odd Modeling Interview


Juliette comes in for a modeling interview and the producer asks her to do some weird things. 22 min

Juliette comes into a warehouse studio for a casting. After introducing herself the man asks her to show off the clothes she’s wearing and to walk around a bit so he can see whether she’s catwalk material.

Go ahead and have a seat
Why don’t you walk around for me over there
That’s great
Are you wearing a bra and panties

The man asks her whether she’s wearing panties and a bra. Juliette says she’s not wearing a bra, but she does wear panties. She pulls down the waist band of her shorts a bit, so the top part of her panties can be seen. The man likes the panties.

He’s asking her whether she has made the cuts in her shorts herself. Juliette tells him that she didn’t, but that she’s had a boyfriend that liked to rip her clothes off before sex. The man asks her if that didn’t maker her angry, but she then says that it only turned her on more.

Did you make the cuts in your shorts yourself?
It didn’t make you angry when your bf ripped your clothes?

The man then explains to her that she’ll have to strip down from her clothes, so he can check out her body. He’s thinking about letting her rip her clothes off. Juliette is a little surprised at this, but then agrees with it.

You’re going to have to strip out of your clothes so I can check out your body. I’m thinking about maybe having you rip your clothes off?
Why don’t I go ahead and make some cuts in it for you
I’m going to have you rip your shorts off. Let me make a cut in the waistband

The man takes a pair of scissors and cuts through the neckband of her shirt, so she will be able to rip it without any problem. Then he tells her to rip the shirt slowly from the top down. She does that.

After some shots of her boobs, the man takes the scissors again and cuts through the waistband of Juliette’s shorts. He then asks her to rip them off really slowly, so that her panties will slowly be revealed.

After Juliette rips off the shorts, she shows off the panties in a few poses and caresses herself all over her body with the panties still on.

Why don’t you rub your body for me. Just rub all over your body
Let’s rip off your bra too

Juliette thinks she’s finished now, but the man has one extra request: He wants to see her completely naked and would love her to rip off her panties too. Juliette then pulls her panties a bit. But she’s too shy to rip them.

Let me see you rip it off.

The man asks her again, telling her that he’s got a real good feeling about her but he needs to see her completely naked to get her the best job. He even wants to help her a bit he says.

I really need to see you fully nude. Why don’t you take your panties off too
Just rip them off

After a little hesitation Juliette agrees. The man then makes some little cuts in the panties and then asks Juliette to rip them off her body at one go. Juliette first plays a bit with the cuts in her panties before ripping them off her body.