Romi Rain French Maid Tease and Denial


Romi is a maid cleaning her masters home and you are her caged slave. You watch her as she cleans and teases you with her body.

Romi is dusting the room, showing off her features. She doesn’t notice the slave (you) at first. She finally notices you in the cage:

“You’re making too much noise. Be quiet.”

She goes back to cleaning for a moment, then the slave makes noise again. She notices you’re admiring her beautiful body and she finds it amusing because you have no choice but to be in cage, admiring her beauty.

Romi teases the slave, showing off her outfit and heels. She lets you peek up her sexy maid outfit, up the skirt, showing off her stockings.

“You’re pathetic…you’ll never have me…”

She shows off her big round ass and her feet… You focus in on her feet as if you can smell them.

Your humiliation turns her on. She takes off the maid uniform and then takes off her bra and shows you what you will never have…

Romi starts touching herself outside of her maid outfit, then one hand down her panties…masturbating at how humiliated you are in the cage. She is loving your misery.

It turns her on so much she rubs on her on panties and puts her hands inside. She touches herself, then begins to masturbate at how humiliated you are. She pulls her panties to the side and keeps masturbating, eventually she takes off her panties and leaves the garter and stockings on.

When she has finished masturbating she says:

“That’s enough. I have to get back to work. As a treat, I’ll leave my panties with you in your cage.”

Romi gets dressed again, sans panties & resumes to clean for a minute or two, completely ignoring you once again.