Girl Scout Fight [Scene from ‘Airplane’]


Two badass Girl Scouts are involved in a high-stakes game of poker. When Casey accuses Riley of cheating, all Hell breaks loose…. 12 min

CASEY Enters the Room & takes out a $100 dollar bill & slams it down on the table & slides it over too the middle of the table.

CASEY Rips off her shirt bra skirt panies socks & shoes off & throws all her clothes against the wall now completely butt-naked she sits down @ the card table & opens the pack of cigs to take one out but decides against it when RILEY enters the room.

RILEY Enters the Room

CASEY glares over at RILEY then walks over to the table also ripping out a $100 dollar bill & slamming it on top of CASEYS. RILEY proceeds to tear out of her clothes in anger, stripping out of her shirt bra skirt panties shoes & socks & also throwing all her clothes against the wall

Whoever wins the first round of cards gets all the Money BITCH

RILEY sits down grabs the pack of cards rips the cards out of the package & throws the package on the floor then starts dealing out the cards

RILEY Notices that CASEY is focused on her cards so she slips the winning cards under the $$cash$$ after playing for about 2 minutes

CASEY lays her hand on top of the money & starts to slide the cash over to her side of the table

RILEY Catches her & then grabs & twists her hand over

CASEY then stands up & knocks over her chair

“You Slut!”

RILEY then also stands up also knocking over her chair over then flips over the table

“You Cheating Whore!”

CASEY then slaps RILEY across the face.

RILEY then then returns with a closed fist face punch

CASEY is knocked on the floor and RILEY moves in to start choking CASEY

CASEY moves her legs up/down like in the scene from “Airplane”

CASEY is now between RILEY’S Legs

They remain in this position for about a minute until CASEY manages to put her foot into RILEY’S belly & kicking her off

RILEY then falls backwards into a wall

CASEY then gets up & tries running away into a corner (not wanting to fight anymore; trying to avoid RILEY) but RILEY is not finished with her yet so she chases after her

RILEY has her cornered up against a wall with nowhere to hide or go & raises up her fists ready to finish this

CASEY is forced to defend Herself & also Now raises up her fists as well then punches RILEY in the Face

RILEY then returns with a jab to CASEY’S face.

CASEY tries throwing another but RILEY, catches her Punch grabbing her wrist – clenched fist

RILEY gives a massive punch to CASEY’S belly causing her to keel over in pain

CASEY now out cold on the floor

I Won this fight

RILEY walks back over to the flipped over table, gets dressed then picks up the cash off the floor & walks out of the room as proud winner

CASEY then wakes up walks over to her clothes, gets dressed & walks out of the room.