Sasha Heart Meets Dr Tickler


A very ticklish girl Sasha, goes to the Dr. for her annual tickling. 28 min

SCENE 1 – Dr. Office Reception

Sasha walks into a Dr. Office and up to receptionist

“Hi. I’m here to be tickled by the Dr..

Ok have a seat. We’ll be ready for you soon.

She sits down, slips off her shoes and pulls the ends of her pantyhose away from her toes to loosen them.

Nurse Ziggy gets up, looks at Sasha

“Hi, ready to be tickled today”?

“not really, i’m nervous”.

Time to go to the tickle room.

SCENE 2 – The Tickle Room
The room has an exam table with the leg portion straight out and ends close to just above her ankles, feet overhanging. There are tie downs at end, and tie legs and feet together. Hands are free.

Sasha is already seated. Pantyhose are loose around the toes pulled out away from toes almost dangling ok if

ZIGGY Hands Sasha a hospital gown.

“Please change into this gown and the doctor will be right in.”

Ziggy leaves the room.

Sasha takes off everything but her pantyhose and slippers with her gown.


SASHA tied down at feet and awaiting to be tickled by the dr..

The DOCTOR enters room.

DR. Tickler
“Hi my name is Dr Tickler and i will be tickling your feet today”.

He sits down on his round stool at bottom of her feet & SASHA really starts to get nervous.

As he takes off her slippers one at a time, he explains:

“This is going to tickle a lot, I’m not going to stop tickling till done, you can laugh hard as u want, even sit up and grab my hands try to stop it if u want.”

Ok. Are you ready to be tickled? here goes.

SASHA Cries out

“Please don’t tickle my feet!”

He starts tickling her feet she laughs uncontrollably

Cries out several times & tries to grab his hands

“No Dr that tickles!

She realizes it’s not doing any good.

ZIGGY in the reception area, hearing Sasha’s laughter.

The DOCTOR goes back to tickling SASHA for the duration.