Christie Stevens and Richelle Ryan Wetlook T-Shirts


Richelle Ryan and Christie Stevens are addicted to getting wet! They love to take all of their clothes out and try them on, getting each outfit wet in the hot tub and then deciding which one they love best. They play around with each other and comment on how good their bodies look in their wet clothes. 50 min

As the girls are going through their outfits, there is lots of talking and playing with each other – kissing, touching, playing with each others boobs.

When the girls change their bottoms (between jeans, shorts and the skirts) things get a bit more girl/girl. Pussy eating/playing. Not as in depth g/g as the final scene but decent. Keeping on the last wet top as they do so.

For the final scene, the girls engage in plenty of pussy eating, scissoring, 69, the works. There is amazing chemistry and they really go to town with each other. More of a harder girl/girl scene – within what the girls are comfortable with. Intense kissing, lots of tongue, both mouth to mouth and mouth to pussy. I’d like the girls to to keep the skirts, tops and boots on as long as possible until they can’t take it anymore.