Secretary and the Stewardess


Gabi has secret powers she doesn’t know about and magically transforms into Casey. 11 min


Two ladies are sitting at picnic tables at a park. Casey the secretary is seated on a bench looking at her phone, acting somewhat seductive sitting down…as if she could get any person she wants; and she knows it. Gabi the stewardess is sitting and gazing at the secretary. Trying to look at her phone but can’t help but stare at her. Gabi’s eyes pan up Casey’s legs to her face as she leans forward

GABI *Thinking to herself*
She’s so sexy. I wonder how many guys she gets, she must get all the attention.

Casey finishes looking at her phone and gets up, making sure to check if her clothes are fitting enough*

She’s so hot.

Casey suddenly starts fanning herself and begins rubbing herself all over as she is unable to help it. She’s breathing heavily

Oh my god……….. I- I don’- why has it become so hot all of a sudden. I….I feel so sexy.

She starts groping her breasts without realizing it… the experience becomes more and more sensual for her…Her hips begin to sway and she rubs her hands on her hips, moving to her stomach and then to between her legs.

Suddenly, she feels a jolt of lightning between her legs and moans. She feels another one and repeats. She undoes her hair, takes off her glasses, unbuckles her jacket belt and takes off her jacket, Feeling herself even more. She then sees Gabriella and walks towards her seductively.

What the-

Casey puts her finger on Gabi’s lips.

Shhhhhhh, it’s okay. I saw you looking at me and I have to say, you really turn me on.

Gabi thinks for a second
*What’s going on? Is this normal? Do I have powers? So, if I want this to go back to normal.*

Suddenly Casey stops

Oh my god, what are you doing? Where am I? I don’t know who you are but don’t ever talk to me again.

Casey walks off in a strut, taking her things and going.

Gabi is confused and wonders what just happened. She goes home and is tired so she goes to sleep. She wakes up and is wearing the secretary’s clothing and has transformed into her. This is extremely erotic to Gabi and she finds herself very aroused.