Sasha Heart’s Lifecasturbation


Sasha Heart meets a mysterious artist and becomes her muse, only to find herself encased in plaster and exposed… 77 min

Two women are walking out of a yoga studio. They vaguely know each other. Sasha jokingly says ‘Hey we look like twins today’. Casey is looking at her phone looking stressed & distracted.

Casey: Oh fuck

Sasha: Whats wrong, you’re looking stressed

Casey: Ugh I had a model flake out on me,… I’m fucked

Sasha: What for,… a fashion shoot ?

Casey: No,… I’m an artist, I use live models to do my work,… I have a crazy deadline & I’m freaking out

Sasha: That sucks,… I hate it when people flake out

Casey: Oh my god,… can I ask you a favor?… please please please?

Sasha: What?

Casey: Your body is perfect,.. look at those legs, could you fill in for my flakey model? I would pay you

Sasha: Really, … I’ve never modeled before… I didn’t know you’re an artist.

Casey: Yeah I’m a sculptor, my studio is right over there,… what are you doing right now?

Sasha: Nothing, why ?

Casey: Come check out my studio at least

Sasha: Sure

They open the door, the lights are on and Casey’s assistant is inside. The sculptor says hi to her assistant & tells the assistant:

Casey: Hey I think we have an amazing new model

She smiles & winks at Sasha

Juliette: Great

Sasha: Oh… I don’t know

Casey: I would be forever indebted to you,.. please pretty please… just an hour or so,… you’d be doing me a huge favor

Sasha: Maybe

Casey: Sorry, but your body is so amazing… I don’t know why I haven’t asked you before

Sasha: Thanks,.. no, no,… I would do it… I like art, it sounds interesting

Casey: Let me have you sign a release form

They walk over to a table & she pulls out a clipboard,… as Sasha scans & signs the form the artist is walking around her looking at Sasha’s body

Casey: Are you ok with nudity?

Sasha: I think so, will I need to be for this?

Casey: Yes

Sasha signs the release.

Casey: Fabulous,… so are you free for the next hour or 2?

Sasha: Sure why?

Casey: Can you pose right now?

Sasha: But i’m all sweaty right now

Casey: Thats perfect, it’s a messy process!

Sasha says a bit nervously ‘Ahh,… Right now? Really?….ok…I didn’t think I would be a model this morning

Sasha follows the artist to a posing table covered in plastic.

Casey: Put your things over there… come sit in this chair… I’m going to pose you….

Sasha: alright, do i just sit?

Casey: yep, easy right?

Sasha: works for me’ …

Sasha is looking a bit more at ease, as the artist gently pushes her head into the head rest.

Casey: i’m going to get your body in a good position here, snap a few pictures & then lets get you out of your clothes & ready…

With a deep breath…

Sasha: alright, guess i’m ready to do this

The artist reclines the dental chair & caressingly rubs her hands over the model starting just above the ankles moving up to mid thigh, lifts her leg up spreads it slightly open and does the same to the other leg. She lifts Sasha’s chin up a bit, brings out some arm supports & rest Sasha’s hands on them.

Casey: You comfortable

Sasha: Yeah, … think i could take a nap

Casey: Great, so you think you could sit like that for an hour or so

Sasha: Yeah, … think i can

She starts taking photos of Sasha

Casey: Ok, come with me lets get you ready,… love your tights, think we were the shiniest in class today

Sasha: I know

As Sasha brushes her thighs as she admires her & the artist legs… they both have a slight hint of mutual attraction

Casey: Ok, so basically i’m going to make a mold of some of your body. So i need rub a release agent on you

Sasha looks perplexed

Sasha: Uh, i’m going to be molded?

Casey: Yep

Sasha: It’s going to be messy?’

Casey: Yep, I have a shower over there so you can clean off after,… take your shirt off

Sasha removes her shirt as the artist puts on rubber gloves and pulls out a jar of VASELINE & starts rubbing onto Sasha.

Casey hands Sasha a SWIMCAP

Casey: Oh, here, put this on

Sasha: what’s it for?

Casey: To protect your hair. This will be a bit messy

Sasha puts it on meticulously placing every hair inside as the rest of her arms, neck & torso are covered in release.

Sasha: ok lets go.

They walk out, Sasha only wearing her tights & swim cap. the assistant is out with a table with piles of plaster bandages & a bucket of water. The chair is raised up so she can sit more easily. Sasha looks over at the table of casting materials & starts wondering what she’s gotten herself into.

The assistant tells the artist: They want it all

Casey: Ok,… well Sasha, then we shall give them your whole bod today

‘ok?’ as Sasha is reclined again in the chair, not realizing what is meant as she works into her pose.

The artist puts on apron with NEW GLOVES & slowly pulls off Sasha’s tights, then reposes her legs. She spreads the agent on her legs as gives the jar to Sasha

Casey: Here,… cover your crotch, & get every crease & corner,… especially on your hair.

Sasha spreads it onto her pussy and between her inner thighs.

Casey: You missed a spot here, let me help you out. Your ass too, this stuff will get every where

Sasha roles from side to side cover her ass as the artist helps her, making sure everything is released.

Sasha: Wow… i feel greasy

Casey: You are greasy, lets get started,… you will love this.

The artist puts on apron & new gloves.

Casey: It’s basically a spa treatment, it will feel like meditating i swear!

The artist winks at the assistant. They roll Sasha on her side as single layer of plaster bandages are painted onto her back side from back of foot to top of neck. They roll her back into position & continue covering the sides of her back half. After the sides of Sasha’s neck are covered the artist brings one long strip of bandage and drapes it over the crown of Sasha’s head and gently smoothes it out out over the side of her head & onto neck & shoulders.

Sasha: You’re molding my head too?…’ Sasha says a bit nervously

Casey: Yes your whole bod,… which includes the noggin

Sasha: So what’s going to happen to me?

Casey: Well you’re in the beginning stages of an entire full body life cast… we’re covering your back half in plaster bandages, we’ll build them up till there is a good rigid thickness. When that hardens we’ll begin the front half.

Sasha: I’m being completely covered in plaster?

Casey: More like encased in plaster…so just sit back & enjoy the ride, imagine you’re at a spa

Sasha: Oh my god

They continue till a thick frame of plaster surrounds Sasha’s back half. Once hardened they continue to the front side, cleaning up the edges the artist puts on a new pair of gloves as the assistant greases up the edge of the plaster wall.

Casey: How you feeling Sasha?

Sasha: Stuck

Casey: Ha good answer, you’ll be getting a bit more stuck but you’re doing fine

Sasha: Oh my god

Trying to calm her nerves, the artist caresses & massages Sashas thighs & moves along the edge of her pussy to her abdomen & underside of her breast to her collar bone & neck.

Casey: Just relax you’re in good hands here

Sasha tries to look around the room with her eyes as her head is now plastered into the chairs head rest. Plaster is now painted on her front half from foot to top of thighs. They carefully leave a space around her pussy as they continue up to the base of Sasha’s neck. Multiple layers are applied till all thats left is Sasha’s, neck, face & pussy exposed beneath a thick layer of plaster. The exposed areas are cleaned up & readied.

Casey: Almost done Sasha,….. now comes the exciting part,… the face!

Sasha is slightly panicked: how will i breathe?

Casey: We’ll let you breath,…start breathing from your nostrils now as we’ll be covering everything else. just take nice relaxed breaths… i’ve had some models who enjoyed this so much they orgasmed

The artist & assistant chuckle. Prosthetic grade cream is mixed up until a nice smooth paste is formed.

Casey: Sasha, now midway through this process I’m going to ask you to open your mouth, then I’m going to wipe some alginate across your lips. Now close your eyes and go to that happy place.

Sasha closes her eyes and the alginate smoothly covers her face.

Casey: Ok open your mouth Sasha.

She complies as a handful of alginate is wiped across her open mouth.

Casey: You’re doing good Sasha!

Once the alginate hardens the assistant applies plaster bandages to her face as the artist goes to her exposed pussy. She grabs lubricant & massages it on her clit and lips. As the final plaster is applied to the head she grabs a vibrator & gets Sasha’s clit swollen. Sasha makes surprised moaning sounds inside the cast.

Casey: Mix up the last batch of alginate.

Sasha is starting to get off on the vibrator as it’s pulled off just in time to add the final prosthetic grade cream to her pussy. Plaster is added & once hardened. The artist caresses the encased Sasha while also rubbing her clit in her glossy leggings…

Casey: Ok Sasha time to let you out

The chair is tilted up & the plaster shell off from Sasha’s front half. She struggles out from back half with the artist help. Sasha gets dressed after showering off & pulling on her leggings to the point she gives herself a wedgie and starts getting off to & uses her other hand to touch herself

Sasha: I can’t believe my entire body was encased in plaster.