Sasha and Gabriella Tie One On


A sexy bartender in a tie is the object of this business woman's obsession. She tries to get into the bartenders life, becomes dominated by her and ends up worshiping her feet. 20 min

After another tired day’s work, a business woman walks into her favorite bar. The bar is her favorite because of the bartender she has been secretly admiring. She’s still in her work clothes; a lovely white shirt that shines in this dim lit bar and a red silk tie, her favorite.

She looks at her expensive watch and adjusts her tie, as she always shows up best dressed. The bartender tends to drop in a comment or two on seeing the attire. As she enters, she notices the time and how empty the bar is. It’s almost closing time. The waitress slowly comes toward her, dressed in her own white shirt with two buttons undone and the tie loose.

She comes close to the business woman, smiles at her and moves her fingers over the silk tie, loosens it, and then fixes the knot of the silk tie and uses it as a leash to lead her to a chair.

“What’s so special with the tie?” She holds the tie close to the knot and looks into the woman’s eye.

“Just another day at work, needed to look good” The business woman said pretty meekly

The waitress moves her fingers from the tip of the tie, flips it over the woman’s shoulder and walks around her. She runs her fingers along the collar, around and under it and inserts her fingers around the gap between the collar. She moves behind the business woman and massages her neck a little, still holding the tie

The waitress finally whispers in her ear. “Ok honey, but in my bar, it’s my rules.”

With this, she slowly unknots the tie and takes it from her collar. She looks at it and ties it around her waist like a belt.

“In here, I own the ties and if you’re lucky you’ll get it back later”

She grabs the business woman by her shirt and says “I might have a shirt rule too” and smiled and she went about doing business with the tie dangling around. In seconds the business woman is rendered tie less and she has no power over that.

Minutes later the bar is about to close. The business woman moves over to the bar where the waitress is, waiting patiently to see if she would notice her. She tips the waitress handsomely.

Finally the waitress comes to her tieless shirt and says “Oh sweetie, the tie huh? Looks pretty expensive and stylish… What if I keep it? Just kidding! Here, come closer”

The waitress removes the tie and with one quick movement, lifts the other woman’s collar and ties ensuring perfection.

She pats it and said “Good now, all set! Can I help with anything else?” Still grabbing the tie and looking into the business woman’s eye.

The woman looks around and slowly in a choking voice says ”I have a request, can I worship your feet?”

The waitress, still holding the tie, is stunned and asks her to repeat what she just said. Before she can answer, she wraps the woman’s tie around her fingers, looking angrily and says ”I thought you were classy, looks like you are a perv after all?”

“No but…”

“But what?”

“I can pay you“ She opens her wallet and shows a wad of cash.

The waitress senses this opportunity, grabs the wallet from her and using the tie as a leash takes her to a bar stool.

With the tie grabbed in one hand the waitress looks into the wallet and says “Is that all you got?”

“That is my paycheck in whole”

“On your knees!” Still grabbing the tie, the waitress looks down on the business woman and says “Kiss my shoes”

Finally she releases the tie and with one kiss stops the business woman and says “Looks like you are pretty desperate to worship”

She grabs the tie again and unbuttons the top button of the business woman’s shirt, finding her necklace and putting it on herself.

“That’s the price of one kiss”

She makes the business woman worship her soles, using the tie to clean her feet, removes her sandals, and worships the feet while the waitress stamps on the woman’s tie. And with each action, one of the business woman’s valuables goes away (watch, ring, car & home keys).

Finally she takes a picture of the business woman kissing her feet and blackmails the business woman into signing over her assets. She then grabs the tie, lifts her to her feet, removes the tie and finds another new tie in the wallet.

She makes the business woman tie it for her and while she does, she tells her “Come back tomorrow, same time, we need to rinse your online banking accounts.”

“Wow now I can own my own bar and make you the waitress permanently without paying you” She laughs and kisses the collar of the business woman, ensuring there is a lipstick mark now on the collar showing up.

On the next day, the woman shows up at the same time