Independent Medical Exam


Dr Ella Nova performs medical exams on two patients involved in a car accident. They are nervous about being examined nude and are looking for some support from each other. 38 min

The patients are friends who were involved in a car accident and are now suing the insurance company for nagging back injuries. The insurance company has mandated independent medical exams for both women.

The patients check in with the nurse and are told to have a seat in the waiting room. Both appear apprehensive about their exams. They have a quick conversation on what to expect as they are waiting (will they need to get undressed, etc).

The nurse calls in patient #1 and leads her into the exam room. As soon as the nurse shuts the door, she tells the patient that they’re going to check her height and weight, so she needs to take off her boots and socks. The patient questions why she has to remove her socks. The nurse responds that the insurance company examination form (on her clipboard), states “height and weight in bare feet”.

Patient now removes her boots and socks while seated and walks over to the scale and steps on. Weight is done facing scale, height done facing away from scale. Patient sits on the exam table and take her BP and pulse.

The nuirse hands the patient an exam gown and instruct her to undress to her panties only. Patient requests that her friend be allowed to come in to help ease her stress. The nurse says that she will check with patient #2 and ask her.

Patient 2 enters as patient #1 is completely undressed to her panties, grabbing the exam gown off the table to put on. Patient #2 comments “They’re even making us take our bra and socks off – wonderful”

Patient #2 sits thru the exam. The doctor enters and does a complete physical exam including:

Checking the eyes, ears, opening mouth and saying “Ahhh”.
Checking her reflexes on elbows, knees, and soles of feet.
Having her lie down (pull out the foot extension of the exam table).

She removes the gown totally for this part:

The Doctor checks her abdomen, then hips, working down each leg, down to each foot (including a brief foot exam).
The patient now stands (no gown) and touches her toes.
Now she balances on one foot then the other and walk across the room on her toes and heels.
Then the doctor sits her back on the table for now.

The doctor tells patient #1 she can get dressed.

Doctor exits

As the nurse is filling out the form, she instructs patient #2 to remove her boots and socks in preparation for her height and weight. Patient #2 asks patient #1 to stay for her exam.

The doctor re-enters the room, for patient #2. She performs the exact same views of height and weight views as patient #1 as well as the exact same procedures for the physical exam as patient #1.

At the end the nurse tells them both that the insurance company will be notified of their exam results. She asks patient #2 to get fully dressed and then both patients walk out of the room together.