Balloon Fetish Fantasy Gwen


Artistic balloon fetish scene. Gwen is surrounded by balloons, big and small. She has decked herself out in her favorite latex skirt and top and is playfully teasing and squeezing the balloons, as if she might try to pop one. But not yet… She is not ready to pop them just yet… Gwen gives a playful little striptease to the most appropriate music and lovingly caresses the balloons. Then she sits on a balloon, bouncing up and down on it until….


Gwen stars in this playful balloon fetish video where she is in a room full of colorful balloons. She plays with a few of the small ones first, teasing that she may pop one and even pulls a few down from the ceiling to play with.

Suddenly, all of the large balloons are in motion and there are balloons everywhere! She playfully bats them back and forth, letting them fall on her body and knocking them back into the air. She is having a blast with her latex friends.