Females Against Podophilia


Several ladies have come together for the inaugural meeting of Females Against Podophilia. They have a lot of work ahead of them if they are going to tackle the evils of foot fetishism. In their misguided quest to rid the world of foot sluts, they become the exact thing they are trying to stop. 25 min

Two women are sitting at a desk at the front of a room (Lisa and Kelly). They are both wearing closed-toe shoes. In front of them are some chairs where three other women are sitting waiting for some sort of meeting to take place. Two of them are wearing flip-flops (Sally and Amanda). The other one is wearing closed-toe shoes (Charlotte).

At this point, another woman (Rachel), with a mischievous look on her face, enters the room. She is also wearing flip-flops. Her attention is caught by the feet of Sally and Amanda. Rachel sits next to Sally and Amanda.

At this point, Lisa begins to speak.

Lisa: Thank you ladies for attending this inaugural meeting of Females Against Podophilia. Some of what you hear today may surprise you. It may shock you. It may even disgust you. I know it certainly disgusted me. But this is why it’s so important you’re here today. To help put an end to a sexual perversion that’s contaminating our society. I’ll now hand you over to my good friend Kelly to explain more.

Kelly: Thank you Lisa. That’s right. I’m here today to talk to you about the obscenity that is podophilia.

*Sally puts up her hand to ask a question.

Kelly: Yes madam?

Sally: I’m sorry, what is podophilia?

Kelly: Good question. Podophilia is a pronounced sexual interest in feet or footwear. A fetish, if you will. A foot fetish.

*Charlotte makes a disgusted look on her face

*Lisa sees this and nods her head in approval, as if agreeing with Charlotte’s obvious disgust.

Kelly: That’s right. Hard to believe, I know. But some sick perverts out there actually derive sexual pleasure from women’s feet. Our feet.

*Rachel rolls her eyes with disapproval and disdain for Kelly’s comment

Kelly: We have to put a stop to this. We must take a stand. We can’t allow these people to get away with such deviant behaviour, getting off over our feet.

Lisa: That’s right Kelly. You may find this shocking, but podophilia is the most common, non-mainstream sexual fetish out there. There are disgusting men out there, surreptitiously looking at our feet every day before going home and masturbating with the thought of them in their minds. Can you believe it?!

Amanda: Really? My god. I had no idea!

Lisa: That’s because they’re ashamed. Ashamed of their dirty little secret. And rightly so, because it’s disgusting.

Sally: So, what do we do about this?

Kelly: Well, for a start, footwear like sandals, like flip-flops. We can’t wear them. When we leave our homes with our feet on display, we’re giving these perverts exactly what they want, for free, in our everyday lives, at the shops, on public transport, at our workplaces. It’s like walking around all day with our breasts hanging out! Would you walk around all day with your breasts hanging out?
*Sally joins Rachel and Amanda. She starts sucking the toes of Rachel, who’s wearing a toe ring and ankle bracelet.

Kelly: Snap out of it ladies! Can’t you see you’re deranged? This is sexual deviance! It can’t be tolerated in a civil society!

*Sally is enjoying worshipping the feet of Rachel and Amanda has been having her feet worshipped by Rachel for some time now.

Amanda: Oh yes! This is so fucking good!

*Amanda looks up and sees Charlotte

*Rachel stops worshipping Amanda’s feet and turns her attentions to the feet of Sally instead, who in turn, is still worshipping the feet of Rachel. They are both moaning with pleasure and shouting out randomly how horny they feel and how much they’re enjoying their mutual foot worship.

Amanda: I need to taste me some toes!

*Amanda approaches Charlotte who looks very flustered as Amanda grabs hold of her. Charlotte tries to resist, but Amanda is too strong for her and overpowers her as she then goes to remove Charlotte’s closed-toe shoes from her feet.

Lisa: Let go of her, you freak! What the hell has gotten into you?

Charlotte: No, please! Leave my feet alone! I’m a respectable woman!

*Amanda has removed the shoes of Charlotte and has begun smelling, licking and sucking on them.

Lisa: It’s like you’ve been possessed. Satan is inside you!

*Charlotte is trying to resist the foot worship but is struggling to contain her satisfaction.

Charlotte: No! Get off me!

Amanda: Come on. Don’t pretend like you’re not enjoying it.

Charlotte: Oh god…this is wrong….but somehow…it feels…so good.

*Lisa rushes back over to Sally and Rachel who are enjoying each other’s feet and starts shouting at Rachel.

Rachel: What have you done?! Are you happy now? Now you’ve unleashed this perversion, this sickness on my group?!

*Charlotte can’t control herself any longer. She is moaning with pleasure and has totally succumbed to the foot worship.
She is enjoying having her toes sucked and now reaches across to grab Amanda’s feet to lick her soles and suck on her toes.

Amanda: Oh yes! This is so good! Who’d have thought feet were so fucking hot?!

Charlotte: I’m a total foot slut and I love it!

*Lisa is completely exasperated. She runs back over to her good friend, Kelly, who has slowly gone quiet and is watching as both pairs of women (Sally, Amanda, Charlotte and Rachel), who are in ecstasy worshipping each other’s feet, converge in a four-way foot worshiping chain.

Lisa: I can’t believe what is happening! What are we going to do?

Kelly: (in a deadpan – almost trancelike delivery) I don’t know.

Lisa: We must warn people! I knew this was getting out of hand. This deviant behaviour has gone too far. It’s taking over people’s minds! I’m calling the police!

*Lisa rushes off to find her phone. Meanwhile, Kelly sits down and proceeds to calmly remove her shoes and socks/tights. She then begins to suck on her own toes, which are painted beautifully, and clearly begins enjoying the experience.

Kelly: Oh yes! Oh it tastes so good!

*Lisa rushes back into the room with a phone

Lisa: (Frantically) Yes, I’d like to report an emergency-

*Lisa stops dead as she sees Kelly deliriously sucking on her own toes and loving it.

Lisa: Oh god, Kelly. Not you as well!?

Kelly: Oh Lisa. But you don’t understand. It just feels so good.

*All the women stop worshipping each other’s feet. Kelly, Sally, Amanda, Charlotte and Rachel all stand up and turn towards Lisa. All barefoot, they walk calmly towards her.

Rachel: They’re all foot sluts like me now.

Sally: Join us. It’s so much fun.

Amanda: There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Our feet are beautiful. They deserve to be appreciated.

Charlotte: We’ve been missing out on all the fun, for all these years. Give in to podophilia. Give in to your foot fetish.

Lisa: Stop it! All of you! This is wrong!

Kelly: Don’t worry, Lisa. Soon you’ll understand.

*Lisa is cornered by the other five women who pin her down to the ground. Lisa tries to resist but each of the other women hold down either one of her arms or legs while Kelly pulls off Lisa’s shoes and socks.

Lisa: Please! No!

*Fades to black


*Kelly, Sally, Amanda, Charlotte and Rachel are all seated in the same room as before. They’re all wearing flip-flops and are sitting quietly waiting for some sort of meeting to take place. They’re all facing a desk with an empty chair next to it.

Lisa then enters the room and sits down at the desk.

Lisa: Thank you ladies for attending this inaugural meeting of Females Are Podophiles. Now, we have a lot of work ahead of us in our quest to awaken the foot sluts that we know are inside all of us. But first, item 1 on the agenda, is to have some fun.

*Lisa raises her feet onto the top of the desk. She is revealed to be wearing flip-flops. Her toenails are beautifully-painted and she is wearing a toe ring on both of her feet and an ankle bracelet as well.

Rachel starts worshipping the feet of Charlotte and Amanda starts worshipping the feet of Sally. Kelly starts worshipping the feet of Lisa.

All the women enjoy worshipping each other’s feet and the scene plays out before the all converge and start worshiping each other’s feet in a six-way human chain. The scene eventually fades to black.