Felicity Feline Tight Handcuffs


Felicity Feline is arrested and taken downtown. She just wants to make sure the cuffs are tight enough. 22 min

Famous actress Felicity Feline is wanted for a heinous crime. She gets a knock at the door…it’s a cop who has a warrant for her arrest. She realizes that her fantasy is going to become a reality and is super excited. She loves to be in handcuffs. She lets the cop in who advises her about the warrant. The cop asks if she would like to put her sneakers on. She says yes. Felicity then states “I know what comes next” as she places her hands behind her back.

Felicity asks the cop to make sure the cuffs are tight because she loves the feeling of tight handcuffs. The cop says “It is time to go”. Felicity replies “Ok I am ready.” The actress is wearing t-shirt, shorts, bra, panties, socks and sneakers.

The cop walks the actress into the station and places her down on the couch. She is cuffed on the couch for 5 minutes with closeups of her hands in cuffs. The cop comes back and has Felicity stand up against the wall for mugshots. Felicity faces forward, to the right, and then to the left. The actress is then ordered to face the wall for the cuffs to be removed. She knows what is coming next. The cop tells her that she has to be strip searched as she will be booked into the jail. Felicity is then instructed to take off her sneakers, socks, shirt, shorts, bra and panties. She is then told to shake out her hair. The officer checks her hair and ears.

Felicity is then asked to stick out her tongue and lift it up. She is then instructed to roll up her top lip to see the gums and then the bottom lip to see the gums. She is then ordered to lift her hands above her head to inspect the armpits. She is then instructed to lift each breast so the officer can inspect under each breast. She is then instructed to place her hands behind her head, squat and cough three times. Felicity is then told to turn and face the wall, bend over, spread her cheeks and cough three times.

She is told to sit on the couch. The cop then inspects the actress’s hand top and bottom as well as her feet top and bottom by lifting up her feet. The actress is then asked to stand up again and give the cop all of her jewelry. She is then asked if she has any tattoos and to point them out to the cop as the cop takes pictures of the tattoos. The officer tells the actress that she is not going to be given a jumpsuit for the first 24 hours according to policy. Felicity says ok. The actress is then asked to turn and face the wall and place her hands behind her back. She is placed back in handcuffs and asks the officer to make sure that they are tight. The officer also shackles her feet and again she asks the officer to make sure that they are tight.

The officer says “It is time to go to the holding cell.” Felicity says “which way do we go.” She is now sitting in a chair in the holding cell with her hands cuffed behind her back and feet shackled. The camera pans on both her feet and hands for about 5 to 10 minutes with closeups of both her hands and feet.