Executive Role Reversal 6: I Look Great in a Tux!


An executive is startled when a beautiful woman bursts into his office and starts undressing him. His protests go unnoticed but she does have a proposition to make. 20 min

They are sitting side by side as she starts flirting heavily with him and asking him to swap clothes with her. He asks why she’s doing this.

Rather than answer, she shows off her legs, extends one out to show how good it looks. She points out that if he swaps with her, he’ll get to see her out of the bikini. This seems to convince him, and he lets her resume undoing his pants and belt while he reaches around to start undoing her top.

Cut to him standing nervously in the bikini while she is smugly in his suit. She zips up her fly, straightens her tie, and admires herself, while he anxiously crosses his arms for a moment like he’s covering up non-existent breasts.

He drops his arms back down, while she puts a hand in her pants pocket as she circles him admiringly, pats his butt and talks about how sexy she finds him like this.

She sits down, spreads out, and invites him to sit perpendicular across her lap. He does, and she gets very handsy as she reassures him that he looks great, and that she wants to have her way with him.

He’s both aroused and scared of her, and moves off her lap so he’s sitting next to her.

She lounges with her hand down her pants, then looks at his watch on her wrist and realizes she has to leave right now, without bothering to explain why.

As she stands up, he asks for his clothes, and she insists there’s no time and she’ll return later to swap back.

He tries to protest, but she whispers in his ear about the things she’ll do to him when she returns.

He says it’s okay, she jumps up and down, claps her hands in excitement, and starts to run out the door. He calls for her to wait, and makes her promise she’s not going to leave him like this. She walks back over as she tells him that she’ll come back with a tux and a nice dress for them to wear. He says he looks good in a tux. She giggles but doesn’t reveal why, and runs out.

He paces anxiously, wondering why he let himself be talked into this, trying to convince himself it’ll be okay when she comes back. He repeats the idea about looking badass in a tux, and we dissolve to…

Fantasy Sequence:
He’s looking dashing in the tux and she is looking stunning in the dress, garter, stockings, heels, earrings, etc. He’s bursting with confidence while she vamps and can’t stop complimenting him. She twirls in her stocking feet and leans against him adoringly. 30 seconds later… the reality of what she had in mind:

Her wearing the tux, and him standing embarrassed in the dress, stockings, garter, earrings and lipstick (no heels yet). This isn’t what he expected.

She laughs and says she likes this better. She helps him step into the heels, which he doesn’t find comfortable.

She tells him to walk around to get used to them, and while he does that, she teases him about how he moves in heels. She checks her cuffs, admires how she looks in the tux. She then sits down, spreads out and again invites him to sit perpendicular across her lap.

He pouts as he sits, and she holds up his leg to admire how it looks in heels and stockings. Maybe she has him put on a little leg show for her, crossing and uncrossing them. He’s starting to enjoy this a bit.

She begins shamelessly groping him, including putting her hand up his skirt, to his surprise and embarrassment. He nearly jumps out of his own skin when she reaches between his legs like that, and shifts position so he’s again seated next to her.

She runs her fingers through his hair as she whispers a secret: “I like to dress like a man,” and she likes men better after they’re wearing her clothes.

She tells him that she can’t wait to see how he looks in all of her cutest outfits, and to show him off to the world looking so pretty. He doesn’t like the sound of this at all and stands up to walk away from her.

She smiles widely as she stands up to remove her jacket, and then she’s having a blast chasing him around the office, like a cat toying with a mouse, teasing him as she stalks her prey. He can only go so fast in heels, and soon she’s tackled him and got him pinned down, laughing at him the whole time. He tries fighting back, but she’s much stronger and keeps him held down.

She again promises him all kinds of sexual pleasure, and this eventually calms him down and even turns him on again. She gets off of him and lets him sit up. He tries making a move to kiss her, but she gently pushes him back (copping a feel of his chest as she does so) and says there’s something she wants to try first.