Cuckold Cops


A noise complaint at a house party leads to a police woman having unprotected sex with a male stripper in front of her husband (also a cop) and 2 civilians. Nina Elle stars as the cheating wife with Ella Nova and Riley Reyes as the ladies who film it all to put on the internet. Co-stars Brad Newman, Marcelo. 23 min

Nina Elle Cuckold Cops
Riley & Ella are enjoying a private party with stripper Brad. The husband & wife cop team were called there for a noise complaint.

Cop wife and husband team enters the room where the noise disturbance has occurred.

The wife looks smitten at the male stripper and starts flirting with him while the husband is looking on shocked.

She takes off her hat, then takes off her shoes & socks leaving her barefoot. She then pulls open the front of her shirt exposing her bare breasts with a smile

Before the husband can intervene, the other girls say “Lets strip him naked!” and they then strip the cop husband fully naked & barefoot and lock him outside the windowed door so he is forced to watch while the other girls film what is happening.

The other girls and the wife laugh while the male stripper looks guilty but doesn’t stop the wife from stripping him naked and herself. Once they are both fully naked & barefoot, the girls chant “Sex! Sex! Sex!” while now all three are totally naked.

Once she is naked, the wife looks at her wedding ring and then back to the male stripper then smiles and takes it off and drops it while the husband looks shocked.

The wife and male stripper make out, he sucks on her nipples, gropes her breasts, gropes her ass. Then she gives him a blowjob, handjob (ball sucking during), & titifuck as foreplay

One of the girls gives her a condom to use & the wife laughs and tosses it aside as the husband looks shocked; he even looks more shocked when she says make sure to cum inside me.

All the while the husband is banging on the windows and jiggling the locked doorknob trying to stop this and is shouting for them to stop.

At some point, one of the girls gropes Ninas breasts and butt during the sex and even poses for the camera.

She cums and so does the other guy(on her chest?) while the husband yells, “Nooo!”. The camera can go to black and we hear them both moaning.

When the camera goes back to them, it will look like he came inside her with the “cum” oozing out of her pussy and all over her tits.

The male stripper will already be passed out as if the orgasm knocked him out).

Nina looks to the camera and says, “Sorry, Hubby, I did it again. I couldn’t resist.” with a guilty smile, giggle, & shrug while the cheering girls laugh and say that she does this every day.