Cop Humiliation Ball Busting Beatdown


This rent a cop is out of his league, hunting a dangerous and well known international spy / bikini model. He's discovered her hideout but she gets the drop on him and it's over. His balls will never be the same… 16 min


Fetish: , ,


The COP is searching for his suspect and walks into the building but doesn’t see STAR sneaking up behind him. STAR tackles the COP to the ground and begins to smother him with her breasts. The cop becomes too tired to fight back and the SUSPECT starts making fun of him.

You are so fucking weak and pathetic. You are completely beneath me…

STAR steps on top of his chest and puts one foot on his head, rubbing her foot on his head. Then gets off and taunts him:

It’s so pathetic that you can’t take on a girl…

COP tries to get up but STAR kicks him in the balls. He then falls onto his knees:

Please stop – I will let you go if you stop hitting me!

Star laughs and kicks him in the balls and the COP falls forward flat on his stomach on the floor. Star then begins to trample on his back and butt.

I’m tired.

Then Star sits on the COP’S back reverse cowgirl and complains that he’s lumpy. She bounces a few times on top of him to flatten him out some more. He begs her to get off, but she just laughs and slaps his ass a couple of times. Finally she turns him over onto his back and positions him spread eagle. She sits on his stomach, again reverse cowgirl.

Star grabs his crotch and says:
You’re not man enough to be a cop. A real cop is a real man, etc..

When satisfies he’s beaten, STAR stands on his stomach and puts a foot on his crotch in a victory pose