Christie Stevens Virgin Boot Fuck


Innocent virgin Christie Stevens is being pressured to have sex by her boyfriend. She can't lose her virginity but she'll let him fuck her boots. 18 min

Christie is at home alone sitting on the couch. Her boyfriend walks in and starts talking about sex.

Christie: You are late

James: Yeah sorry. What are you doing?

Christie: Studying for the exams

James sits down next to Christie and starts rubbing her legs.

James: Looks like your parents aren’t home. Let’s try something.

Christie: James, I can’t, I shouldn’t lose my virginity.

James lifts one of her legs onto his lap, then caresses her boot

Christie: You seem interested, how about fucking me in the boots?

James seems interested and starts licking Christie’s boots up and down her legs. Things are getting hotter and he pulls out his cock and starts rubbing it on and between her boots.

Christie: Mmm, your cock is getting hard.

James: These boots are so sexy

Christie: That’s all you are getting

James: That’s enough for me

James starts fucking Christie’s boots and they’re both enjoying the feel. He fucks her boots in various positions.

Christie: Yesss, fuck them harder. Squeeze your dick between my boots