Cherie Deville Satin Sexytime


Cherie Deville catches her man masturbating with her silky satin things and decides to give him exactly what he wants. 35 min

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A guy’s at home, bored. He decides he wants some ‘me time’. His wife shouldn’t be home for a while, so he goes into their bedroom and starts riffling through her panty drawer. He has a big thing for satin. He’s going through the drawers and touching himself. He’s getting turned on by all his wife’s sexy panties. Then he spots her satin robe, takes it out and starts rubbing his crotch with it. He takes his cock out and starts stroking it with the satin robe. His wife comes home early from work and she’s standing in the doorway looking at him. She’s wearing a satin blouse and knee length skirt and high heels.

“What the hell are you doing?!?” she yells. He’s caught red handed and is really embarrassed. He said he’s sorry. He just really likes the feel of the fabric. She sits him down on the bed. “Well, I have to admit. I’ve kind of known about this little fetish of yours for a while. Do you like what I’m wearing today? I put it on especially for you.” They start kissing and he rubs her up and down. She tells him to strip and she takes the robe in her hand and drapes it over his cock. “You like how this feels?” She strokes it slowly. After a minute of kissing, she stops and says. “Well, I have another little surprise for you that I think you’ll like”. She gets up and slowly undresses. She’s wearing a sexy satin nightie underneath her clothes. “I was going to surprise you with it tonight but, well here we are! Do you like it?” She slowly rubs her hands up and down over her body.

She walks over to him and pushes him back onto the bed and straddles him. They start fucking slowly and sensually. They kiss and he rubs his hands all over his body. Then they switch to doggy style. When he’s ready to finish, she jerks him off and lets him finish on her satin covered tits.