Audrey Miles Girlfriend Experience


Audrey Miles roleplays as your affectionate, sexy, horny girlfriend spending quality time with you at home. She enters the room, joins you on the bed, and greets you with a kiss. Audrey shows you some new clothes that she bought but hasn’t tried on yet. She wants to try them all on – and get your opinion on how she looks in them – before she wears them out. 44 min

Audrey stars in a solo “girlfriend experience”, with intimate, immersive POV camera angles for the intro conversation/dirty talk, followed by an erotic striptease / fashion show, pussy licking, blow job, sex (missionary, doggie and cowgirl positions), and cowgirl position cream pie ending.

The scene starts as Audrey walks in and joins you on the bed. She sits down, smiles, greets you and gives you a kiss. She says she needs to try on her new outfits, and she wants your opinion on how she looks in them. In return for your help, she says she’ll treat you to a sexy striptease / fashion show.

Audrey models and poses for you in what she’s already wearing – cutoff shorts, white tank top, red panties and heels. She asks you how the outfit looks on her as she shows you the view from the front, the side, and from behind.

Audrey does some sexy poses for you wearing the outfit. She notices a bulge in your pants and smiles. Audrey playfully tells you that she’s got to finish trying on her outfits before she can give your cock some attention. She removes her shorts, slides her hand down her underwear and teases her pussy.

Then, Audrey does some more erotic poses for you and strips naked. She dirty talks to you to turn you on.

While standing, Audrey tries on, models, teases, and strips out of 3 more outfits.

Outfit #1 – little black dress: deep cowl neck party dress and heels
Outfit #2 – gym outfit: black basic booty shots and black/yellow sports bra
Outfit #3 – swimwear: black cut-out micro string bikini

As she tries on each outfit, Audrey asks you if it looks good on her and talks about scenarios where she’ll wear them.

Audrey playfully poses, flashes you her tits, pussy and ass, and gets you hard with her modeling /striptease show. She dirty talks to you about wanting to feel your hands caressing her body and wanting to feel your mouth on her nipples and clit.

After modeling her black bikini, Audrey gets naked for you and does some more erotic posing and teasing nude. Being extra naughty, she spreads her pussy lips to show you her sweet pink. She tells you that she’s wet and ready for you.

Audrey rejoins you, naked on the bed. She reclines, spreads her legs and pussy lips, and invites you to lick her pussy. She sighs, moans, and dirty talks to you a bit while you pleasure her. Audrey really enjoys the attention you give her.

Having warmed her up with your tongue, Audrey is eager to return the favor! Seeing your throbbing cock, she licks her lips, invites you to get comfy on the bed. She treats you to an intense, sloppy wet POV blowjob.

Audrey performs lots of naughty actions on your cock (dildo): mostly sucking it deeply, but also licking the shaft up and down, giving the head wet kisses, occasionally deep throating, and making it sloppy wet.

Audrey enjoys sucking you until she tastes your pre-cum.

She then tells you that she’s wet and ready to fuck.

Audrey reclines on the bed and simulates you fucking her pussy, with her legs spread wide, alternating between fast and slow pace. She encourages you to give her every inch of your cock that she can take.

Audrey turns over and you fuck her POV doggie style.

Audrey gets on all fours on the bed, taking your cock from behind. She occasionally looks back at you as you pound her pussy.

You alternate between fast and slow pace, and Audrey grinds back on your cock.

Audrey then climbs on top and you fuck her in cowgirl position. She straddles you on the bed and slides her pussy down on your cock.

She rides you fast and slow, and grinds on you with her hips. Audrey also dirty talks to you while you fuck.

The two of you orgasm together as she is still riding you in cowgirl position. Audrey orgasms on your cock. Then she continues riding you until she feels that you’re close to cumming too. She looks you in the eyes and tells you to cum in her pussy.

Audrey smiles at you and grinds on your cock as you are holding her hips firmly down on your cock and filling her up with a big cream pie.

Audrey smiles at you and grinds on your cock, feeling your warm cum inside her.

Audrey eventually climbs off your cock and catches all your cum dripping down her thigh from her pussy with her finger and licks it all up.

Audrey then returns her attention to your cock… she sucks it deeply, squeezes the shaft, and licks it clean to get every drop of your cum. She finishes by giving the head wet kisses.

Audrey tells you how much she enjoyed your quality time and thanks you for helping her try on her new outfits.

Audrey then stands in front of you, hands on hips, and smiles. She suggests that you hop in the shower for round two!