Chanel Santini Girlfriend Experience [POV Only]


POV Version. You are Chanel’s boyfriend and have an intimate encounter with her. 41 min

Chanel Santini transgender sex girlfriend experience
Chanel enters the room wearing a sexy night dress and lingerie. You are already naked and your cock is soft. You are about to jerk yourself to get ready for Chanel but she stops you. She makes some sexy movements and poses and walks over to you and kneels down in front of you.

Chanel: “Don’t touch. I want to feel you grow hard in my mouth.”

She swallows your soft cock whole and blows you. You get hard and erect during the blowjob, encouraging her. You stroke her hair as she sucks.

After a bit, she gets up and lays on the bed, on her back, with her head hanging over the foot of the bed.

Chanel: “Fuck my mouth!”

You oblige and begin to fuck her mouth while having a nice view of her body as she does so.

Her panties are still on so she teases you, lifting her dress slightly to show her panties. Eventually she removes the panties altogether and her cock springs out from under the dress.

Turned on, you start to fuck her mouth a bit rougher.

Eventually Chanel needs a break and steps away to get room to breathe.

Chanel removes her panties and is now completely nude. She lays back down and smiles at you and motions to her boobs.

Chanel: “Isn’t that better? Now you can see all of me…”

She then leans back and licks your cock and sucks. You get the hint and continue to mouth-fuck her while you can now enjoy the view of fucking her face while viewing her boobs.

After a while you step back and helps Chanel up off the bed. She gently pushes you onto the bed in her place and climbs on top of you so that your cocks are touching. She briefly grinds on your cock and strokes them together until she is hard as well. Then she inches forward so that she’s sitting on your chest and dangles her cock in front of the camera.

Chanel says, “It’s only fair I get a turn too, right? Don’t you desire my cock as well?” She giggles.

After a short time you place your hands on her hips and guide her backwards, away from your face. Chanel pouts but then smiles, sits back in your lap and rubs her cock with your cock again. She grinds her cock against yours as if she was riding you then leans forward enough to seamlessly slip your cock into her ass and continues to ride you in this position.

After some of the cowgirl action, she turns around so that she faces away from you and continues to ride you in reverse-cowgirl. You get a nice view of her ass and her long hair as she rides.

After satisfied with this position, you slap Chanel’s butt playfully and she stands up. You get off the bed as well and bend her over the bed.

Chanel teases you a bit grinding her butt backwards against you. You tease her back by rubbing your cock against her cock. Then you rub your cock against her butt for a little grinding.

Chanel eventually begs you, “Fuck me, fuck my ass!”

You give her what she wants and fuck her ass doggystyle. Chanel gets into it and clenches the bed sheets with reactions of pleasure. She also pushes her ass back at you to enhance the pleasure.

Eventually you pull out and you flip her over so that she lays down on the bed on her back, legs facing you. She spreads her legs for you and you enter her ass, and continue to fuck her this time in a missionary position.

She clenches the bed sheets in pleasure, takes hold of your arms to feel your muscles.
Eventually she tells you she wants attention too.

Chanel: “My cock wants some love too, honey…”

You pull out and grind your cock against hers. Chanel lends her hand to help stroke you off together until she cums all over your cock, with some cum spilling over herself as well.

Chanel: “Here’s some lube so you can fuck my ass all the harder.”

You continue to rub your cock against hers and scoop up the cum that fell on her body with it to get it over your own cock instead. You re-enter her butt and see some of the cum leak out of her butt while you fuck her asshole with her cum.

Your gaze alternates between the action and Chanel’s reactions + loving eye contact. The action varies between slow and sensual and fast/rough/hard.

Eventually Chanel says “I want to feel your cum inside me!”

You finish inside her ass and Chanel does her best to thrust back at you to keep you from pulling out and really fill her up. You continue to thrust a bit and can see the cum leak from her ass when he does finally pull out. You look at her and she looks like she’s in heaven.

You lean in (still on top of her) and kiss her. Chanel kisses back and wraps her legs around you pulling you in close. You two are cuddling and kissing naked, grinding on each other sensually.
Rubbing your cocks against each other’s bodies, and especially cock against cock. After a bit of you on top, you roll on your sides and continue to cuddle and kiss.

Very sensual and passionate, hands caressing each other.