Mesmerizing Fetish - Hypno Seduction

Mesmerizing Fetish - Hypno Seduction

Mesmerizing Roleplay

Hypnotism/Mesmerizing has always played a big part in the cinema and popular culture, so it should come as no surprise that hypnotism fetishes have become a bonafide part of the fetish pantheon.

What is a mesmerizing fetish?

The mesmerizing or hypnosis fetish, in general, is a sexual or sensual roleplaying situation where one party — the “hypnotist” — is able to “control,” via “hypnosis,” another party — usually the helpless, hapless subject. I used quotes in all of those because it’s important to distinguish the practice of actual hypnotism from the roleplaying for fetishistic purposes.

Typically, the hypnotist fetish video consists of the hypnotist putting someone under their control and then either having their way with them, or, more commonly, making the subject perform sexual acts that perhaps they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

So what’s so sexy about hypnosis?

The key word, when describing the hypno fetish, is control. The roleplay, the sexual fun, the excitement, the thrill, it all stems from one person having the control of the other. For the person being “hypnotized,” it’s all about losing control, letting the imagination run wild; the what-if; the roleplaying.

Roleplaying, like in many fetishes, is the central ingredient of the hypnosis fetish, but like many aspects of BDSM, hypnosis is all about that one person dominating and the other person submitting, but all under the make-believe scenario of actual mind control.

What goes into a hypnotism fetish video?

Like any custom fetish video, a hypnotism fetish video is all about what our client wants, so it’s anything goes. But typically, a hypnosis fetish goes something like this:

The camera angle is often POV, or from the perspective of the cameraman, who’s playing the role of the hypnotist. The hypnotist finds the subject, who’s usually a woman. The hypnotist then strikes up a dialogue with the woman, and eventually persuades her to take part in a hypnosis experiment of some kind, where the hypnotist then hypnotizes her. Typically, the hypnotist uses some sort of watch or charm on a necklace to mesmerize the subject.

Another common ingredient in the hypno fetish video is that the girl is reticent at first, or shy. The hypnotist, through his powers of mesmerization, is able to turn her from shy wallflower into sexual tigress or whatever the hypnotist has in mind. Or, more accurately, whatever the client has in mind.