Sock Fetish Videos Explained

Sock Fetish Videos Explained

Sock Fetish – What Exactly Do Guys Like About Girls in Socks?

The sock fetish might seem to be a part of, or at least related to, foot fetish, but the two really are two distinct categories of kink. While oriented on the delicious feet, sock fetishists are focused on socks primarily.

So what do guys like about girls in socks? It mostly all boils down to a few key points:

Sock Smell

Whether it’s girls in long socks, short socks, black socks, or white, when it comes to fantasizing about a girl in socks, the overwhelming majority of sock fetish fans love them some foot stank. Well, maybe not “stank,” per se, but the olfactory sensation that the socks of a woman provide. (Many sock fetishists would hesitate to refer to the smell with any sort of negative connotation.)

The socks-and-smell connection is the key ingredient that most of our clients request we adhere to when we produce a sock fetish video, whether it’s the girl smelling her own socks, or smelling the socks of a guy, or smelling the socks of the cameraman, or even another girl. However you do it, the act of smothering the nose in girl sock is by far the most essential component of a good sock fetish video.

Sock Worship

That being said, much like the foot fetish, the sock fetish has many tributaries, not the least of which is the worship aspect. While it might seem strange to most sexual dullards to worship a foot or a sock, it makes perfect sense, in both mind and libido, to praise, kiss, fondle, even lick the dirty sock of a hot woman.

Why is that? There’s many different reasons. Some get off on the dirty/smelly aspect of socks. Some get off on the submissive aspect of worshipping, or even groveling at the feet of a beautiful woman. Some simply love the foot and toes, but to them, the sock is, in their own sense, a piece of “lingerie” to them — beautiful, delicate, and concealing while accenting like any good piece of lingerie can do. Albeit, usually in a more thick, more cottony (and possibly more smelly way).

Do sock fetishists find their ultimate fantasy in reality?

Perhaps it’s the idea that a beautiful girl wearing a dirty sock, in some way, heightens the reality of the experience. That is, while a woman dressed in lingerie and makeup, or even nude and ready to fuck, may represent fantasy and imagination quite well, a girl wearing dirty socks feels more real, and is therefore perhaps more accessible, and is therefore perhaps more of a turn-on for the sock fetishist. After all, not many women wear high heels, Victoria’s Secret, and porn-star makeup on the street, but plenty of women are walking around with dirty socks.

Girls smelling their own socks after cheerleading practice, girls smelling each others socks at a slumber party, girls walking on men with their dirty socks — it all comes down to smell. And when it comes to smell, nothing quite captures the imagination, nor the olfactory, quite as well as a beautiful girl’s dirty white socks. But for some sock fetish fans, the more real, the more dirty and smelly the socks, the more turned on they get.

How we shoot sock fetish videos

When casting models for our sock fetish shoots, we don’t typically ask to see their feet first because few clients ever ask for that. When it comes to feet in socks, our clients aren’t too particular. It’s what we do with those feet in socks that makes the difference.

We tend to do a lot of POV shots, where the cameraman is pretending to be the client, and the entire scene is shot from his POV. Sometimes she gets undressed, and sometimes she stays fully clothed, as it all depends on what the client wants.

The first moments begin with a foot rub, either by the cameraman or by the girl herself, or with one girl massaging the foot of another or herself, always with the socks staying fully on at all times. Then we typically escalate by letting the girl smell the sock, where she takes it full on in the face and breathes deeply and sensually. If it’s her own sock and her foot can’t make it to her face, she may take it off and smell it, but then it usually gets placed right back on…

Again, all of this is subject to the client, but many of them want similar acts done and we are happy to accommodate.