Custom video requests - Kissing, catfight, joi

Custom video requests - Kissing, catfight, joi

We accept all kinds of requests for fetish videos. Here are some more samples to help give you ideas:

Catfight Fetish

Hi, I have commissioned custom catfights for a while but have grown a little tired of the same models. The content is usually more stylized than realistic, (so there’s no actual fighting), it’s more acting and role play I’m after. I am looking to do something with two models, preferably blonde and brunette but open to suggestions. It would be around 20 minutes and involve facesitting, nudity, stripping, groping and good acting skills. I would provide a script but would need to know which models were potentially available so I could script their looks into it. Let me know which models could go this kind of shoot and rough prices.

Jerkoff Instruction Video

I’m looking for a masturbation instruction and shoe tease. Wardrobe could include thigh high stockings, garters belt/lingerie and slingback pumps. Starting scenario would be getting dressed up, followed by walking and posing in shoes with masturbation instruction throughout.

Kissing fetish custom video

I’m interested in a boy-girl custom kissing video of 10 to 15 minutes. My request is not at all complicated and would be a simple one for the right person. I’m seeking an attractive young model who has a clean-shaven white male friend or lover with whom she would film a deep kissing video of 15 to 20 minutes. Setting, wardrobe and dialogue are non-issues. All I want is to see close-up action of the two of them engaged in the deepest possible kissing, with wide open mouths locked together and their tongues deep inside each other’s mouth. I’d prefer no other sexual activity because I would expect that as the kissing goes on, it would become more and more intense — and the more passion, the better. If you are able to identify one or more models who would be willing to do such a video, I’d love to look at their photos and make one or more selections, depending upon the cost involved. Thanks for considering my request.

Pedal Pumping and Cranking

Looking to request a custom cranking and revving video with Odette and Kym. Would like it to start off by both girls pumping the gas pedal in ankle socks to try and get the car started. Then both girls can take turns revving the car. To finish, it would be nice if the car can be cranked until the battery is drained! I have more details but that is the general scenario. Would be nice to have the girls start in ankle socks, then go barefoot and then put on some high heels.