Common pitfalls in writing your custom script

Common pitfalls in writing your custom script

We often get asked for help on putting together scripts by our clients, and we’re so happy to get involved! Writing a script that excites you, and turns you on at the thought of seeing this on screen is a really fun, creatively stimulating process. As a companion piece to our Guide to writing your first fetish script blog , here’s some common pitfalls to avoid!

  1. Not enough detail

To be honest, we don’t need much detail to get started! We don’t need a full script, or even any more than a short overview to begin the process. But one of the common pitfalls we find is that we’ll get asked a pretty vague question like: ‘How much for a 15 minute video’? The answer is always going to be: ‘Depends what’s in it!’ So for example, a 15 minute video with one model with no specifics on setting or props is going to work out cheaper than a 15-minute multi-model cast with 5 different scenes and 21 custom-made props. When writing your first script or overview, make sure to let us know:

  • how many models are needed, and who (if that matters)
  • what activity is involved – is there just dialogue, or is nudity, oral sex, or more?
  • any vital details on props or set

We can then take things from there!

  1. Too ambitious for budget or timescale

If you’ve got the budget, we’ve got the time to make your video! We can make anything from a video that lasts only a few minutes to a series of full-length movies with dozens of performers. We love all types of stories, so we’re excited to make your fantasy, however ambitious.

The main thing to remember is that more ambitious scripts are likely to cost more and take longer to make. So if you’re wanting a video tomorrow for $20 – not going to happen! Taking you behind the curtain for a moment…more models required mean it can take longer to coordinate everyone’s schedules, plus there’s more people to pay. Each set will require a certain number of camera and/or lighting set-ups, depending on how complex or specific your fantasy. All that takes time and effort, but we love doing it! We take great care to make sure the lighting, composition and other professional filmmaking aspects are attended to, to make sure your video looks fantastic. If there are elements in your script that are less important to you, then there’s always the opportunity to scale those down in order to focus on the key aspects you want to see.

All this is to say is whatever you’d like us to make, let us know! Just remember that perfection can take time ☺

  1. Requesting retired models

We occasionally get requests for models who have left the adult industry. That’s ok – there’s often a fair amount of comings (pun intended!) and goings in the biz, so it can be hard to keep track of who’s shooting fetish porn. We all have our favorites, and we’d LOVE to have some of the pornstars past to feature in your custom video. But if a model has retired, unfortunately we’re not going to bring them back from ‘one last score’! We respect the choices of anyone to move on from the adult industry should they wish. If she or he decides to get back into the business, then we’ll be happy to approach them to appear.

A good way of checking whether a particular model is active or not is to see if they have appeared in any recent scenes (though remember there is often a time lag between shooting and release), or better yet, see if they’re active on social media.

And there you have it! Three key pitfalls to avoid in fetish scriptwriting. Get in touch with us with your idea for a custom video and we’ll be happy to help bring this to life!