Everybody we work with says that we’re always smiling and happy and provide the most pleasant working environments. It’s because we love making custom videos! It’s easy to be happy all the time when you have a job that you really enjoy.

Being presented with such a wide variety of fetishes is one of the most interesting parts of our job and one of the many reasons we love it. If we’re not familiar with a fetish, we always do our research. Casting the talent for each video is a lot of fun too. Some clients are seeking a very specific type and others are open to our suggestions. It’s interesting to see how the talent interprets the fetishes themselves as well. Some models are genuinely intrigued by the fetish(es) they’re involved in on a shoot and enjoy the experience a lot. Other shoots are super fun and you can’t help but have a grin on your face the entire time – wet and messy shoots, in particular! As big of a pain as they are to clean up, who can’t giggle seeing slime being poured down a pretty girl’s pants?!

Another great aspect of our job is interacting with such variety of people! Our client’s come from all walks of life and from all over the world. Since each custom video is so specific and tailored to the individual’s fetish(es), we sometimes end up developing quite a rapport with our clients. We often hear about their weekend plans, new jobs and a favorite – when a client’s significant other finds out they have a fetish they weren’t aware of and the spouse is supportive! You have to love that!

Life is short – have fun – explore what makes life enjoyable for you! If that means you like balloons and other inflatables, super heroines, cute words, spit, teeth, spandex pants etc., let your freak flag fly! We love you!