Famous Pornstar Whitney Wright shows reporter Paige Owens how to squirt. 86 min

Whitney Wright and Paige Owens wet and messy
Paige, a reporter for a local newspaper, has arrived at the home of Whitney Wright, a famous pornstar, for an exclusive interview about her life. Whitney starts to answer all of the questions Paige has for her and things quickly get personal.

When Paige asks about the sexual activity known as squirting, which she is unfamiliar with, Whitney starts getting turned on and makes a proposition to Paige: Why don’t I just show you how to squirt?

Paige is very receptive to the idea and the two spend the next several minutes squirting all over each other. Paige turns out to be a very prolific squirter!

Whitney stops the festivities and recommends that she show Paige the contraption she has set up in the other room. They go to the other room and step into an empty inflatable pool. Whitney uses a remote to turn on the machine, which starts to slow drip a slippery liquid all over their heads. They kiss for a while and continue their tryst.