Very Serious Dirty Talk With Riley Reyes


Riley Reyes is your therapist, tasked with helping you overcome your shyness and letting you explore your dirty talk desires. 15 min

My name is Riley, and I will be working with you today. I have some detailed notes from other sessions you have done that will help our work today. I understand that you not only like dirty talk, but very rude dirty talk. Also, you get embarrassed and shy when a woman actually performs your requests. We need to have some ground rules before we begin.

First, you need to understand that I am a professional and a grown woman. I will only say what I want to say. So relax and enjoy it.

Second, you are not allowed to look away. If you get shy, focus on my face.

Third, I will tell you to say things. You must say them clearly and confidently. You need to follow my directions.

Let’s begin. Pull out your cock. Good. Now say “Riley, you are a slut. Well done. It’s not just dirty talk, is it? It is disrespectful dirty talk. Lean into it. Let it all out today. Say it again. Yes, I am a sl. ut. Look right at me. I am a slut. Thing is, I don’t really look like a slut, do I? Let’s work on that.

Riley removes her glasses and lets down her hair.

That’s a little better. Tell me to spread my legs. Say “Open your legs, you whore”. Not bad. If you say it like that, I just might play along. Look up my skirt. Look up your whore’s skirt. Now tell me to take off my panties. Call me a cocksucker when you do it.

Riley removes her panties.

Good. I am your little cocksucker and now you can see my pussy. Stroke your cock. Do it. Let’s lose the skirt. Be more direct. Say “Take off your skirt, you fucking slut”

Riley removes her skirt.

This is what you want, right? It is so good for you. Keep working. My shirt next. Let’s turn up the raunchiness. You could call me a bitch, but that’s a little light. How about you say “Riley, take off your shirt, you dumb bitch.” Don’t be shy now. Call me a dumb bitch.

Riley removes her shirt

Fuck, that is near your limit, huh? You love it. Look at me. Look right at my face and jerk harder. I am a dumb bitch. Again – I am a dumb bitch. One more. Let that animal out. So rude. Say “Show me your tits, you stupid fucking cunt.

Riley removes her bra.

Stroke hard now. Look right at me. Look right at your fantasy girl and stroke hard. I am a stupid cunt. Now let’s finish you off. Call me names. Get rude. Let me help you out.