Riley Reyes Executive Role Reversal 2


Riley Reyes is a Mistress applying for a job as a secretary for a high powered executive. Much to his dismay, she instantly takes over the interview and starts to show him who is actually the boss. 20 min

Beautiful woman in dress and heels enters an office where she’s greeted by powerful executive in suit and tie to interview to be his secretary. He gets up and shakes her hand, and she immediately disapproves of him, announcing that she can’t possibly be his secretary, but he can be hers.

She considers her wardrobe and his and realizes they’re not right for their new roles. Over his confused and increasingly uncomfortable protests, she shoves him against the desk/couch/wall/whatever and begins forcibly undressing him.

Cut to him fully dressed in her clothes and jewelry, plus some lipstick, looking humiliated and miserable as she puts on his jacket and straightens his tie to complete the wardrobe swap. He asks why she just did this; she whispers in his ear that she could tell he’d secretly be happier this way, and besides, she’s always wanted to be the boss. She checks out how she looks, enjoying the clothes, her new power, and his ongoing embarrassment.

She paces around him, in a full head to toe shot, praising his new appearance and considering what to have her new secretary do first. She orders him to show her how he walks in heels, catcalling him as he does it.

She sits down and puts her feet up on the couch/desk and tells him to get her a drink, which she enjoys while telling him to tidy up the office. She makes sure he picks some items up off the floor so she can admire his butt in this outfit. As he’s going back and forth, she gooses him, to her delight and his shock. He complain about how uncomfortable her underwear is; she tells him he has to make some sacrifices to look this good, but she definitely feels more relaxed in his boxers.

His phone is ringing in what’s now her pocket. She sits up to answer, and puts a finger to his lips as he comes over to protest. She runs her fingers through his hair as she explains to the person on the other end that she’s taken over all of the old boss’s responsibilities, that she looks forward to meeting, discussing his business, etc, etc.

She gets up to walk around the office, reminding him that she’s now in charge, and what she says goes. She takes his hand and pulls him to his feet, then insists they slow dance with her taking lead. She flirts with him some more, and to his amazement, he finds himself enjoying it. She dips him and then deposits him in a chair/couch.

She sits with him, adjusting his dress and otherwise getting handsy with him, more closely inspecting his appearance and telling him other ways he can improve it (pierced ears, painted nails, shaved legs, etc). She goes through the suit pockets, pleased to find his wallet and all it can buy for her, and to find his car keys.

She hands him her purse and tells him he’ll be taking the bus from now on to and from her crummy apartment, while she looks forward to driving home to his nice house. He tries to protest, but she shuts him down again and sends him on his way with another pat on the butt, and an order to wear something cute tomorrow.

Then she stretches out and surveys her new kingdom, saying she thinks she’s going to like this.

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