Owned by Hot Neighbor Girl Ella Nova


Ella Nova is your next door neighbor and has snuck in and discovered some very embarrassing things about you. She ties you up and taunts you while you are helpless and weak. 44 min

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You live next door to Ella and her parents. You are a much older man and she is an 18 yo, hot, cock-tease.

Pretty much every time she goes out, you watch her. She knows that you are watching her, but you don’t know that she knows.

Another thing you don’t know is that Ella’s mother is one of the most cruel and experienced dominatrices in the world and she has been teaching Ella how to manipulate, torture, enslave, and destroy men. You just think she is young and innocent.

Since she is still in training, her mother has forbidden her from taking her own slaves, so far. But since she knows you are watching and drooling over her, she’s been having some fun with you by deliberately dressing provocatively. She wears short shorts on her way to the car and bends over to pick up something she dropped. She spends a lot of time sunbathing in the back yard by the pool. And since her bedroom window is right across from yours, she strips right in front of it.

She is having so much fun teasing you – but it’s not enough. She wants more. And she wants that fucking old perv next door to pay for what you’re doing. You didn’t give him permission to fantasize about you. Every erection he gets over you is yours and he needs to learn some respect.

One night, while you are asleep, she breaks into your house and searches the place while you are asleep. She discovers that your basement is a sex dungeon with tons of bondage furniture, whips chains, chastity devices, etc. She find loads of bondage femdom porn. And she finds your computer, but can’t get into it, since it’s password protected.

She decides to break the rules. Her mother is holding her back and she knows she is ready for more. Ella wants a slave of her own and you’re the perfect candidate. She can subdue you, lock you up in your own dungeon and keeps you a prisoner while she teases, tortures, and breaks you to her will. She makes excuses to leave the house and comes to play with her neighbor/toy and by the time anyone figures out what’s happening, you will already be her broken enslaved plaything.