Make Love To My Armpits


Robby just broke up with his girlfriend and calls Alex for some moral support. She comes over to comfort him and one thing quickly leads to another. Her armpits will never be the same. 49 min

Alex arrives, he’s super sad and she tries to comfort him. He talks about how he really loves his ex gf’s smell etc. She moves in and kisses him – “Don’t worry, I can give you the same”.

She kisses his ear, licking it gently, biting a bit & moves to his lips. Gently sucking his tongue, licking it… She takes his t-shirt off and kisses him… It’s a little awkward but they’re going for it.

She licks her finger and slowly rubs his left nipple, then licks down his neck and then his right nipple, while rubbing the left nipple…gently biting one nipple…while rubbing the other… She asks if he likes it, do you want more? He says you’re killing me. They move to the bed…

Now he is full of lust, he grabs Alex and puts her on the bed, and kisses her deep, they swap spit. He licks her neck, sucks her ear, and takes off her shirt. He starts to lick from the neck down to the middle of her boobs.

He then raises her arms, and looks very carefully into her armpits. He can see the stubble, a small growing pit hair, which makes him hard. He tells her that her armpits are very sexy, and can he eat it? Alex says yes you can, of course, but why do you like it? it is gross.

He says this is his favorite part, and he loves her natural smell. He takes off her bra, and use it to make an easy bind on her hands. Arms stay up for awhile…

Now her boobs are exposed, he really looks at the line of armpits to the boobs. He starts to smell her right pit, and lick it slowly. He lays his tongue on her, feeling the little stubble of her pit on the tip of his tongue. He kisses and sucks the armpit. While doing that, his right hand is playing with her left pit, boob, and nip.

He kisses and lick her on her left armpit. He smothers his face in it. While the girl is enjoying and moaning, he sucks her both nipple while caress her body. He does the licking from left nipple to left armpit, also on the right nipple to armpit.

He then bites her nipple and sucks it deep. “Ah so good, you are a greedy boy!” she responds.

Now he takes off her pants and find a hairy(optional) pussy. He eats the pussy for sometime. He then asks Alex nicely if she wants to suck his cock. She nods and says wait and see.

He takes off his own pants, and the cock is coming out. She starts to sniff on the cock (her arm is still on up position, hold by the boy. So armpit is exposed). She licks his cock slowly and careful, lick on his shaft and balls. He is moaning and says he wants her more. She drools in approval. He then rubs his hard dick on her left armpit. He rubs slowly and feels the rough surface of the stubble. She also try to lick the cock on her armpit. Now he crouches down to lick her right armpit, then he stands up to rub his dick on the left armpit.

Ales takes off her bra and pushes him down on the bed. She sucks and licks his nipple again and then goes down to his dick. She sucks it slowly. While sucking, she wets her both the tip of point finger with her spit, then she plays both fingers on his nipples. He is full of pleasure, in this state he forgets his ex gf for sure. Now the girl slowly sucks and licks his balls while rubbing his dick with her hand. She open his legs wider and pushes up a bit, she lick his ass hole slowly. She plays with his ass, balls, and cock.

Now he gets up, puts her down and kisses her deep, and puts his cock into her pussy. They are fucking in missionary position. They fuck and kiss deeply, they exchange their spit while saying they love each other.

He raises her arms straight up and licks, sniffs, kisses her sweaty armpit. She is enjoying it. She closes her eyes with pleasure, she opens her eyes to see how he is dominating her armpit. After some fucking, kissing, licking, they change to a standing doggy position. He fucks her from behind, squeezes on her boobs, and then raises her arm from behind. Now we can see her getting doggy fucked with exposed armpits.

They have intense fucking and are sweaty as well. He keep smelling her armpit once in a while. They change to cowgirl position.

Now the girl is fucking him with both of her fingertips playing with his nipples. They are kissing while fucking. When he wants to cum, she kneels down before him, raises her armpit and makes him jerk his own dick. He says to her that I will cum on your smelly armpit baby, she say do it. He cums on her right armpit.

Then he rubs his dick on the pit surface a bit. She cleans his dick with her tongue, both arms remain raised up.

The boy asks her to lick her own cum filled armpit, and rub some of the cum to her other armpit. She really enjoy licking her own armpit. They kiss and say that they love each other.