Kendra James Feminized by Step-Mommy


Your stepmom Kendra James has the perfect birthday present for you. 20 min

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Hi sweetie. Your new Mommy would like to have a little talk with you. I don’t really think being a young man is working out for you very well; you’re really not very manly or masculine, although I do love how sweet and sensitive you are. I’ve decided that I’m going to use my lesbian magic to make you a lesbian like me, because I think this is what’s best for you. That way, I can love you and take care of you and raise you as if you were my daughter, and you can be just as girly and feminine as I want you to be.

Now, now, sweetie, don’t look so alarmed. It’s really not so scary. This won’t hurt at all; as a matter of fact, Mommy is going to make it feel very, very good!

The first thing I want to do is use my lesbian magic to make you have deep feelings of love for me. This will make you more willing to do anything that I want you to do. Do you already feel your love for me getting stronger? Very good!

You may notice that you are also getting very relaxed and comfortable. Don’t be afraid; it just means that Mommy is taking over with her lesbian magic!

Now you’re finding it more and more difficult to move. That’s OK. It just means that Mommy is gradually taking more control of you. Just relax and let it happen… very good. Just like that, baby. There. Now you can’t move at all, can you? Go ahead and try, so you can feel Mommy’s power and control over you…. Very good.

What we need to do next is get rid of those icky male clothes you’re wearing. You can already start to feel your male clothing slowly disintegrating. Don’t be embarrassed; it’s OK to be naked in front of Mommy. … There, now all of your silly male clothes are gone. Isn’t that better, to be vulnerable and naked in front of Mommy?

I think I’m going to make you into a lesbian from the inside out. First, I want to take control of your mind so I can shift your gender identity. Can you already feel new, feminine thoughts and ideas pouring into your mind? Can you already feel how your masculinity is being slowly snuffed out? Do you see how you’ve already forgotten the male name you had before? Don’t fight it, sweetie; there’s nothing you can do to stop this. It might be a little scary and confusing at first, but when you just let Mommy do her thing, then everything will start to
feel very, very nice!

At the same time as you feel your gender identity being transformed, you realize that your sexuality is changing, too. Any male sexuality you have ever had is being extinguished, and Mommy is slowly but surely replacing it with a strong lesbian sexuality. Images and fantasies about women loving each other are pouring into your mind now, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. This is all for your own good, baby. Mommy knows what’s best for you!

Now I’m going to start on your body too. You can already feel Mommy’s power taking control of your physical form. You feel yourself getting softer, more slender, and more graceful. You can feel your hips getting wider, your hair growing out and getting long and soft, your skin getting softer, and your voice starting to get softer and more feminine. And now you feel your little pee-pee getting smaller and smaller, and turning into a pretty little clitty, just like the one Mommy has. Your testicles are ascending into your body and turning into ovaries just like mine. You feel labia and a vagina forming between your legs. You can feel breasts forming on your chest; they look just like Mommy’s! It all feels so wonderful, doesn’t it sweetie? Of course it does! Mommy is making all of this feel so good, to reward you for being such a good girl and letting Mommy take control.

Now you can feel some new desires pouring into your new lesbian mind. You’re starting to feel an irresistable desire to be dressed in pretty women’s clothes. You’ve never even considered wearing women’s clothes before, but now you can’t imagine your life without them. Suddenly, you’re aware of all the pretty things that women can wear, and you want to wear them all! Panties, bras, corsets, all kinds of lingerie, dresses, skirts, blouses: you can’t wait to try them all on, with Mommy’s loving guidance. I suppose we might as well start now! I’m going to
use my lesbian magic to make some brand new, pretty women’s clothing appear on your body. Let’s see, how about some shiny panties? …. Mmmm, yes, I like those very much! And now, a shiny matching bra… perfect! And now, I think a nice shiny corset with garters… lovely! And for the final touch, some silk stockings and patent leather heels…. Excellent!

You are looking lovely, sweetie, but we need a few more nice touches. I’m going to use my lesbian magic to instantly give you some nice, long, acrylic nails… there! And now some makeup: including lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara…. wonderful! Hmmm, I would love it if you had some perfume…. aaaah! I love that fragrance on you! You smell like a bouquet of flowers!

Let me tell you how it’s going to be from now on. From this moment forward, Mommy is going to decide everything for you. I’m going to control what you think, how you feel, what you wear, and what you want. I’m going to decide when you can move and when you can’t. I’m going to decide what turns you on, what makes you feel good, and what makes you cum. You’re going to be totally dependent on me for your identity, your thoughts, your feelings, and your pleasure. I’m going to manipulate your mind to make you love me with all your heart, and all your soul, so that you’ll do exactly what I want. With every second that passes now, you’re going to be more and more firmly under Mommy’s control and command. This is all because I care for you so deeply, and I want the very best for you.

And to celebrate your new life, Mommy has assembled all her girlfriends in her bedroom. It’s going to take a moment for you to be able to move again, but when you can, Mommy’s going to take you into her room, and we’ll start teaching you about all the pleasures of your new body and about how to please other women. Are you ready, my love? All right; let’s get started!