Invasive Medical Exam


Dr Riley Reyes has been plotting to embarrass her colleague, Dr Casey Calvert, and today is her chance. Dr Reyes has brought up to her co-worker that she is due for an annual examination and would be happy to conduct it for her. 29 min

Riley tells Casey that it she is overdue for physical exam. Casey does not want to do it but Riley insists, saying that it is a hospital requirement for staff to have regular checkups and she reluctantly agrees. Riley hands Casey a regular hospital gown and leaves to let her get changed/undressed.

Casey removes her shoes, white lab coat, blouse and shirt. She keeps her bra, panties and stockings on, and puts on the hospital gown with the opening in the back. Casey then sits on the edge of the exam table legs and feet dangling to wait. Riley returns with a male orderly.

When Riley sees Casey’s bra, Riley makes fun of the bra and Casey for wearing it.

Riley and the male put a collar around Casey’s neck, when Casey asks why they say it is a new hospital policy for patient identification.

Riley now does the routine normal medical checks (eyes, ears, deep breaths). Riley and the male test Casey’s throat by putting different size dildos in her mouth to see how big of a dildo fits.

Then they untie the hospital gown in the back, bring it down to Casey’s waist for the breast exam. Riley and the male orderly chastise Casey for leaving her bra on, then they take Casey’s bra off and do a normal breast exam.

After the breast exam Riley has the male take photos of Casey’s breasts. During the breast exam Casey and the male talk about how well the breasts will be able to make milk when Casey gets pregnant and how the breasts will change when she gets pregnant. When they are done with the breasts they lift the hospital gown back up over Casey’s shoulders, covering her up.

Next Riley and the male criticize Casey for leaving her stockings on and say that because the stockings have lace at the thigh/top they are slutty and tease Casey for wearing slutty stockings.

Casey and the male take Casey’s stockings off her so that they can examine her legs and feet. They examine Casey’s legs and feet lifting them and moving them around, making comments to each other about how nice they are.

Then Riley and the orderly have Casey stand up and then bend over and touch her toes. When Casey does this Riley and the orderly comment on how flexible she is but notice that Casey is wearing embarrassing panties.

They tease Casey about it and when Casey is bent over to touch her toes, the orderly pulls out the waistband of Casey’s panties and lets them snap back as they tease her.

Next they have Casey bend over the exam table at the waist and move hospital gown out of the way so that her but and legs and exposed. They cut Casey’s panties off her, saying she will not need these anymore, and do an anal exam.

During the anal exam they ask Casey if she has ever had anal sex, when Casey says no Riley and the male comment that then they will have to prescribe anal training to stretch out her butthole for her new master.

Casey says “What new master?” but Riley and the male tell her don’t worry.

The male uses a sharpie/magic marker to write something on Casey’s left but cheek and lower back/tramp stamp area. In this position they can tell that Casey has gotten wet from arousal.

Riley spanks Casey a couple of times for getting aroused. The Riley and the male have Casey get up on the exam table in the knee-chest position, check her pussy and but hole again, take a rectal temperature.

Then Riley and the male have Casey turn over and lay down on her back. They spread Casey’s legs, putting Casey’s knees in stirrups.

Then Riley lifts up Casey’s hospital gown to the waist to so that Casey is completely exposed from the waist down but her breasts are covered by the hospital gown.

Casey and the male take turns doing a vaginal exam, ask Casey embarrassing questions about her sex life and sexual history, and insert different size dildos into Casey’s pussy to see how big of a penis/dildo will fit.

Riley and the male stimulating Casey until she has a orgasm while laying on the table legs spread.

When Casey is done, they attach a leash to her collar and Riley leads Casey away with the leash, fully naked.