Executive Role Reversal 7: The Trophy Wife


The boss’ wife catches the maid dressing in her husbands clothing. Intrigued, she allows the maid to talk her into doing the same. 34 min

Casey is in her bedroom looking disappointed. Ella enters the room carrying a man’s suit and accessories on hangers. Ella says she has her husband’s clothes ready for tonight.

Casey: My husband just extended his trip another week, so I won’t be going to the party. I’m going to go lie by the pool in my bikini — not that there’s anyone around to appreciate that.

Ella checks Casey out as she exits, then remembers the men’s clothes she’s carrying. She kicks off her heels, holds the suit up to her body. She smiles, very pleased with what she has in mind, and begins to remove her stockings…..

Ella is now wearing men’s briefs, undershirt and socks. She flexes her arms and smiles as she admires her muscles. She sits and puts her hand down her waistband, starts to get a little too into it and realizes she has more to do.

Ella is now wearing the three-piece suit and accessories, other than the jacket. She zips up her fly, pulls on the jacket but doesn’t button it, and admires how good she looks in it, taking a few steps and turning around to study her look from different angles.

As she’s caught up in seeing how she looks with her hands in the pants pockets, Casey enters and is startled to see her dressed this way.

Casey: What the hell are you doing in my husband’s clothes?

Ella composes herself and advances on her confidently

Ella: I want you to remember what it feels like to have a man appreciate you and treat you right.

Casey is both a little scared and very turned on. Ella moves in very close and talks about how attractive she finds Casey, especially in this bikini, and that she’s going to make sure she has a good time.

Ella whispers in Casey’s ear that this will be a day (or night) neither of them will forget. Casey nearly melts at the sound of this; she’s putty in Ella’s hands now.

Ella sits down and invites Casey to sit perpendicular across her lap. Casey does as instructed, and Ella compliments different body parts as she runs her hands up and down them, legs in particular.

Ella: How could any man want to be away from this body for a minute, let alone for weeks at a time.

Casey appreciates this and laments that her husband doesn’t feel the same way.

Ella assures her, “I’m all the man you’ll ever need” and talks about the ways she’s going to satisfy Casey later, which again drives Casey wild.

Casey fingers Ella’s lapel and admires how good she looks in the suit. Casey says she always thought Ella’s uniform was hot, “But you look much sexier in these clothes.”

Ella admits, “I like to dress like a man.” Casey approves. As they continue to flirt, Ella deftly unties the bikini top and bottoms, to Casey’s shock and delight.

Ella tells the naked Casey to stand up and twirl around so she can get a better look, and after enjoying that, tells her to get her a drink and put on something pretty for their night together.

She gooses Casey as she turns to leave, prompting Casey to smile at her over her shoulder before walking seductively out of the room.

Ella is manspreading and enjoying her drink when she’s surprised by what she sees.

We pan up from the floor to show Casey is now in menswear, too, clad in her husband’s tuxedo and accessories. The jacket is open, her hands in the pants pockets. She smiles confidently and holds out her arms as she asks Ella how she looks.

“Like a million bucks,” Ella tells her, smitten, as she rises to her feet. Now it’s Casey’s turn to be the confident pursuer, and Ella to be putty in her hands.

Casey advances on Ella and backs her up against a wall as she explains that Ella seemed so sexy and confident in men’s clothes, she wanted to give it a try. She likes how it feels; Ella loves how it looks on her, and both admire her in it.

They continue to flirt, and Casey turns on some music and begins a sultry dance. Ella cheers her on, until Casey encourages her to try it herself. At first, it’s a dance-off, with the two alternating moves. Then, it’s them dancing together, having a blast until they both collapse together on the couch, giddy and exhausted.

Casey extends a leg out, enjoying how the tuxedo stripe on her pants looks. Then it’s her turn to enjoy spreading out like a guy. She puts a hand down her pants while Ella gets her a drink. Ella sits beside her.

They flirt some more, and joke and laugh about the husband having to wear Ella’s uniform or Casey’s dresses from now on, since they’ll be wearing all of his clothes.

Casey wonders if they should leave for the party. Ella checks her watch, then smiles and says they could, but she has a better idea.

They are stripped down to their borrowed underwear, undershirts and socks. Casey is also wearing a strapon and is very excited as she strokes it but asks if Ella wouldn’t rather be wearing it.

Ella says Casey deserves to have a big cock tonight, and Ella wants to be on the receiving end of it.

Casey strokes it some more, Ella gets into position, and as they prepare to have sex, we fade out.