Cassidy Klein Slow Drip Gunge Masturbation


Cassidy Klein is looking extra sexy in her long latex gloves and stockings. She's sitting in an empty pool just waiting for something to happen…and it does! Very slowly and methodically, slime drips from the special gunge applicator we've built for her, until Cassidy is literally drenched in pink and black gunge. 23 min

I would like see Cassidy wearing some thigh high latex stockings and heels along with arm length latex gloves. I want to start off using the vivi slime first, then the MS gunge in the second half of the video. Just like in the video example I sent before, I would like to see a constant pouring of slime for the duration of the video. I’d like for her to have the slime slowly poured over her head and face as she rubs it all over her body.

Then using a using a dildo or vibrator, masturbates to an orgasm. For the second portion of the video, I want her have a large bowl or bucket of ms gunge that she can dunk and submerge her head into. Right before she dunks, I want her say in a demanding voice “Give me more fucking slime!”. I want her to dunk her head several times and then go back to playing with the slime and masturbating. As she continues to play in the slime I want her to keep demanding more slime to be poured over her. As it pours over her, I want her to fill her mouth with slime and spit it out slowly.

Have some slime poured slowly over her pussy as she plays with herself and have a slime poured over her head and face as she climaxes. The video ends with her laying back after she cums and slime is poured all over her covering her completely.