Casey Calvert is Cruella De Vil


Cruella De Vil sneaks into a warehouse to steal a coat and finds herself in a sticky situation. 17 min

Cruella De Vil arrives on scene and is trying to find a way to break into an abandoned warehouse to steal a coat. Cruella confidently struts around, often feeling herself up – especially boobs and butt – running her gloved hands all over the front and back of her tight pants…rubbing her ass…looking for a way inside.

As she’s snooping around, Cruella gets her heel caught in a crack, stumbles forward and puts her hand in a can of rat glue. She struggles with the can, her hand stuck inside. She finally frees her hand from the can which then gets stuck to the railing. She struggles again to break free. She spots a window and walks up to it. 

Cruella opens the unlocked window and climbs through but gets caught on the window sill and tumbles into the building. Cruella gets up and dusts herself off.  She’s in a dark room and walks out.

Inside, Cruella snoops around the kitchen, walking around, looking for clues to the whereabouts of the coat…she walks out into the hall and snoops some more.

Cruella finally finds the room with the coat. After going through the drawers and finding it, she tries it on and is very proud of herself for stealing it.  

As she confidently struts out of the room, a trap door opens up beneath her and she falls straight down into a vat of molasses.  Her whole body is submerged in the molasses.  

As she resurfaces she screams and yells in disgust.  She struggles to get out of the vat…the sides are slippery and her gloves slip back and forth on it as she tries to pull herself up.  

She eventually pulls herself up and out of the vat and falls on the ground beside it, which is covered in hay. Furious Cruella stomps off to find a shower…

She realizes she’ll need a towel, sees one up high – climbs a step ladder to get it. As she steps down off of the ladder, she steps into a puddle of rat glue.

Cruella finds the shower and starts showering fully clothed…taking off  each article of clothing 1 by 1 until she is fully naked in the shower. Then she gets out of the shower and puts on a new outfit.

Checks herself out in the mirror, spanks her ass, and leaves.