Aidra Fox Romantic Girlfriend


Aidra Fox has planned a very special evening of romance for her boyfriend….you. 33 min

You come home from work to see Aidra putting the finishing touches on a surprise dinner. She welcomes you home and you have a seat, happy to have nice conversation with her. She has planned a special night for you both and wants you to relax while she pours a glass of wine. Romantic conversation ensues…

After dinner, there is a bit more conversation. Aidra is charmed by you and asks you to sit still. She puts a blindfold on you and she takes you away from the dinner table to another room.

When you are finally allowed to take off the blindfold, you see Aidra standing before you in lingerie and stockings, looking gorgeous. She says something like – do you like how I look? It’s not too much is it? Oh, I’m so glad. I wanted to do something really special for you. You’re so kind to me, and you deserve kindness back.

She does a slow striptease for you.

Soon you are kissing and you whisper to Aidra that you want to pleasure her. She says something like ‘Really? But this night is about you…well, if you insist’.

With an intimate view of her vagina, you begins to lick her and focus on her pleasure. She talks to you as this continues.

She is overcome with lust and asks you to enter her. You climb on for missionary and then Aidra gets on top, finishing with multiple orgasms.

The scene ends as you sit on the back patio, watching the sun go down. She says ‘Thank you for a wonderful evening’.