Superhero Fetish request with lifting

Superhero Fetish request with lifting

Perfect example of a dialogue-heavy script that would go very well with our pro cinema package.

Superhero Fetish Request

Woman kicks the door into a man’s apartment while he is watching tv, for her bottom she is wearing sexy leather over the knee single sole leather boots with straps (or some very sexy leather single sole boots), Short leather shorts or a micro mini so you can see her curvy legs and thighs, long black leather gloves and a black t shirt which comes to just below her nipples.

The man is wearing sneakers, jeans and a button up dress shirt and tie, that’s what the woman will be focused on the entire video, just grabbing him by the collar or tie tightly and pulling his face close to hers and interrogating him or lifting him up by the collar/necktie into the air and questioning him. But the grip has to be tight and giving the appearance of choking him.

Woman: Where is it?

Man: Who the hell are you?

The woman struts over to the man and he tries to punch her, she ducks and just grabs him by the shirt collar and lifts him up to his tip toes with her arm outstretched. The man struggles to get free with no success by placing both his hands over her wrist trying to wriggle free for a few seconds, her other hand is on her hip

Man: (choking) Who………are……

Woman: How dare you ask ME questions while I’m holding you up and making you squirm like the worm you are! Beg me not to kill you right now!

Man: (still struggling in her grip) Please……..(cough) don’t kill (cough) me.

Woman: Hmmm that wasn’t very convincing, perhaps a little more persuasion

There is a close up of her glove tightening her grip even more of his collar and lifting him up by the collar off the ground slowly, a boot shot from the side with the legs dangling in the air. If this needs to be next to a wall then do what you have to do FYI, her free hand is on her hip.

Man: (still struggling in her grip) Please……..(cough) don’t kill (cough) me I beg you.

Woman lowers the man slowly and pulls his face close to hers tightly gripping his tie like the picture shows. Note: Choose a man shorter than her in her boots so that he is on his tip toes when she pulls his face to hers. Use a shot of her boots and the man’s feet on tiptoes to show this. The man’s arms are to his sides now and he is trying to look away from the woman’s face as she holds him tightly in place by his tie close to her

Woman: Don’t play games with me, where is the disc you stole from my employer Mr. Winters?

Man: I can’t give you that, it will put this city in danger with the information in there.

Woman then throws the man down, kicks his nuts, then slowly and sexy walking struts over to the mans head and puts her heel on his throat

Man: I……..can’t…..breath……

Woman: Well that’s the point of me pinning you down under my heel, your place is under my heel, your not worthy of breathing right now.

The man wraps his hands around Woman’s boot ankle trying to wriggle free with no success

Woman: It’s no use, your squirming under my heel is pointless, I’m gonna make you squeal eventually you little pig.

Woman releases her foot on his neck, she then slowly steps over him so that her feet are on both sides of him and she is looking down at him, the man is gasping for air and trying to catch his breath. She slowly reaches down and slowly starts to wrap her fingers around his necktie by taking tightening it first, then sliding her forefinger into the space between his neck and the the tie….wrapping her finger around the knot pretty much. He wraps his hands around her wrist once again trying to wriggle free the whole time

Woman: Come here

She picks the man up by his tie to his knees so that he is kneeling in front of her but still in her grasp

Man: Maybe……..we can work out a deal.

Woman: (kneels down and brings her face to his) I don’t make deals.

Woman slaps the man, and he falls to the floor, grabs him back up, slaps him with her free hand about 5 times, each time she slaps his face one way, then she jerks his shirt collar and tie back so he is forced to look at her again, she then stands him up and mocks him “Maybe we can work out a deal” haha

Woman, then kicks him in the nuts and he falls to the floor face down. Woman then struts over and kicks him over so that he is facing up, she once again places a boot on his throat, the man does the usual trying to wriggle free routine

Woman: You ready to squeal yet Pig?

Man: Ok, please……I’ll show you.

Woman: Now that’s more like it…….Come here Pig.

Woman slowly reaches down and grabs the man up once again by collar/necktie so his face is close to hers and he’s on his tiptoes

Woman: Talk!

Man: It’s in my room let me show you………..

Woman: (interrupts) Better idea, (she lifts the man up into the air once again and holds him there with her free hand on her hip once again) you’ve got 3 seconds to tell me exactly where it is or I’ll snap your neck like a twig.

Man: (dangling in the air) reaches into his pocket and holds out the disc.

Woman reaches up and takes the disc from the man and puts it on the floor, looks at it and then stomps on it, she looks back up at the man who is still being held in the air by the and smiles

Woman: I Always get what I’m looking for, hopefully I won’t have to visit you again. But that was too easy, you deserve to be punished for lying to me. Lick my boots you dog! Get on your knees.

Woman lowers the man she grabs his tie not as tightly but treats it like a leash. She walks over to a chair with him like a dog and its master and sits down, still in her grip the man is forced down on all fours and forced to lick her boots, after the boots she commands him to suck on the heels also. Tightly gripping his necktie she never lets go of it, thus she’s in a continuous power position

Woman: That’s your place, polish my boots haha!

She stands up and raises the man in the air one more time slowly, and holds him there

Woman: Beg one more time, I want to hear you squeal one last time before I decide to let you live or die.

Man: PPP……Please……..

Woman: Louder, I can’t hear you

Man: I…. c….can’t….breathe.

Woman: Awww, well let me help you out with that

She drops the man on the floor and puts a boot on his chest

Woman: That better sweetheart?

Man: You don’t have to do this, I have money I can pay you.

Woman: Now your talking my language

She reaches down and picks him up once again, and brings his face close to hers

Woman: Unfortunately I’ve got what I came for.

She snaps his neck and does a sexy walk out of the apartment