Our Custom Video Prop Room

Our Custom Video Prop Room

I just reorganized our prop/supply room today and saw some really random and funny things in there that we have for our custom shoots. Thought I’d share some of the more interesting items with you guys! Perhaps we can use something on your own custom video? 🙂

Let’s see….my favorite – a bounce house. This is something that we’ve had for awhile that we’ve never been able to use – but we’re dying to use it. Somebody please order a custom involving our bounce house. PLEASE! It’s never even come out of the box… I can see a messy scene happening in there, definitely some wrestling action, a really fun inflatable scene, etc. We have lots of other fun props like that for our custom videos: wrestling mats; exercise equipment; a massive roll of plastic sheeting for those super messy scenes; a “kiddie” pool.

Plenty of wardrobe items that we have fun with: tutus; nurse uniforms; French maid uniforms; liquid latex body paint; bustiers, corsets, sexy half cup bras, garter belts, stockings; crotchless panties; body stockings, teddies, gloves; tennis skirts; old clothing to destroy; head bands; costume jewelry; wrestler robes and belt; spandex pants; Kentucky Wildcat t-shirt, hat and sweat bands; pantyhose; school girl uniforms; skinny jeans; latex; LOTS of tightie whities for guys.

Many of our custom props and accessories are of the naughty type: double ended dongs; suction cup dildos, strap-ons; dildo “sword”, bejeweled butt plugs; an industrial sized bottle of lube; baby wipes (we should buy stock in em!); douche; enemas; ball gags; nipple clamps; o-ring slave collars; canes.

Plenty of shoes and footwear for our custom videos: Converse, Keds, knee high boots, high heels, ankle socks, scrunch socks, no-show socks;

Wildly entertaining action props such as: hippity-hoppity balls; pogo stick; jump ropes; hula hoop; life size giraffe stuffie; sledgehammer; feather duster; prop gun thigh holster; twirling baton; Polaroid camera; inflatable pool toys; balloons; spray body glitter; a pink beach cruiser bike; hand cuffs; beach balls; latex medical gloves; plush toys; coloring books and crayons; sparklers;

Practical items for production: Metamucil to make slime; food coloring; various glass containers and pitchers; a glass table; bedding; canister vacuum; blender; air mattress; picnic blanket; ashtray; a backpack; Sharpies; black nail polish and lots of camera/video equipment, of course.

More random props like coconut oil; cigarettes; blood pressure cuff; stethoscope; spray bottles; rope; prop/rubber weapons – knife, gun, silencer; restraints; baby oil; hair ties; fishnets; a hot pink shopping cart; tennis racket; nail clippers; eyelash glue; eyelashes; misc. makeup; ping pong balls and raquetballs; lab coats; candles;

And finally, with all the messes we make we certainly need things like: towels; alcohol wipes; aprons; hand sanitizer; Hibiclens; LOTS of paper towels and cleaning supplies; shop-vac

– Violet