Nudity in public and how video producers get away with it

Nudity in public and how video producers get away with it

Being naked in public is a fetish that is appreciated by many but practiced by few. It can be a freeing, fun and sexy experience for sure – but it does run some risks due to the illicit nature of the act. The good news is that you can get away with it if you know how to prepare. Here’s how some video producers do it.

#1 Know your location. The easiest way to an issue-free public nudity shoot is to know where you are and take note of your surroundings. Scout your location before the shoot and take note of the surroundings, possible quick getaway routes, coverup spots, etc. It’s best to go during the time of day you want to be there (see #3).

#2 Be discreet. Most people aren’t expecting to see butt-naked asses in the middle of the street while they’re on their way to work so keeping it low-key is the way to go. Hang out in the car until the time is right. Don’t draw attention to yourself with big camera rigs, lights and crew. Travel light and only get out the things you absolutely need to make your art.

#3 Early morning is the best time. There are much fewer people out during the early morning hours and everybody has their work-blinders on. You would be amazed at what you can get away with in broad daylight sometimes in the early morning hours.

#4 Bring a lookout. It’s a really good idea to have at least one person dedicated to watching for trouble. Trouble comes in many forms – cops, grandmas, pervs, mailmen, etc. Keeping a pair of eyes watching everything else but the scene is a great way to keep it under wraps.

#5 Bring a coverup for the model. It will save you more time than you think. There are a lot of reasons that the model will need to cover up quickly.

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