CFNM Fetish Video Request

CFNM Fetish Video Request

A sample script we received for a scene involving a CFNM situation and some foot fetish action thrown in for good measure.

Bratty Alyssa is fed up with her tutor and wishes to dominate him. She’s in her room when he knocks on the door and arrives late.

ALYSSA – Oh my gosh, you’re late again! I’m totally telling my parents. You are always late and I’m tired of this. (She reaches for the door but tutor stops her)

TUTOR: Alyssa…Alyssa, I’m so sorry. …Please don’t do that. (Begs) I’ll do anything.. Come on, please…

ALYSSA: Alright. But you have to be my slave and do anything I say. Can you do that for me? Take off all your clothes.
(He strips while she watches, biting her lip seductively) From now on, you have to be naked for me at all times.

(She starts kissing his neck while playing with his nipples, and lightly spanks him)

Fuck yea, can’t believe I have my tutor in my room, naked, all to myself….

(She pins him against the wall, handcuffs his hands above his head, and continues teasing him)

You like that, tutor boy? Me… in control, teasing you, while you’re all naked …you’re my little slave now. (She kisses his neck, licking his nipples and plays with his cock)

—She grabs him by his cock, and leads him to her bed. She ties him up, spread-eagle to the bed…

Follow with 6-7 min mixed with:
-Cocktease with one finger, or one foot
-Tease and denial handjob (playfully slapping his cock if he gets too excited);
-CFNM fetish with humiliation and bratty talk;
-Foot worship w/handjob;
-Reverse-cowgirl handjob while he sucks her toes;
-Nipple teasing/sucking

She finishes him off with her toes in his mouth until he cums on his feet and she licks it off.