Fetish Talk With Your Spouse

Fetish Talk With Your Spouse

Sometimes a situation will arise where you feel the need to hide something from your spouse or significant other. Maybe you just ate all the jelly beans or broke her favorite glass. Maybe you accidentally killed a hooker, hid the body in the crawlspace of your house and are just dying to tell somebody about it. Or perhaps you just have a fetish that you’ve never discussed. If you’re thinking about telling your spouse about your deepest darkest desires, there are some things to consider before you go spouting off like a crazy person.

Telling your partner about a fetish you have is something that many of us go through but not all are comfortable with. The fear of rejection or being misunderstood is a very real thing to consider before you decide to share certain intimate aspects of your life with someone else. Whether or not you tell them could be a decision that changes your life.

There are lots of reasons for wanting to tell your spouse about your fetish. Maybe you are uncomfortable keeping something from them and feel the need to disclose everything about yourself. Transparency, honesty, and the willingness to share are all great reasons to “come out”.

The desire for your partner to participate in your fetish is another reason many reveal their fantasies. What is your reason? Whatever it is, being honest about yourself to your significant other is never a bad thing – but it doesn’t always come without potential consequences.

Define Your Fetish

Explain to yourself what your fetish is. Understand it and figure out the aspects of it that interest you most and why. Outline the measures or steps you’ve taken to participate in it. You probably already know all of this but it’s good to have these thoughts ready in your mind for when you want to discuss them. Be comfortable in your fetish before you share it with anyone and expect them to be comfortable with it.

What Fetishes are not OK?

To most non-fetishists, we are an unusual breed. It’s often difficult to grasp the delicacies and magic of the things that turn us on and for those without fetishes, we seem to be in a cult all our own. But some fetishes are frowned upon more than others.

Let’s pretend that you have something as simple as a fetish for women’s bare feet. This happens to be a very common thing and something that’s accepted on a mainstream level more and more these days. Bringing this kind of topic up to your spouse would be almost easy to do under the right circumstances. Start by giving her a foot rub and you’re 1/2 way there! Show her some of the videos we have made for you 😉 In fact, you might have already convinced her to let you explore your naughty little perversions with her. Many more fetishes are just as simple and could be potentially easy for non-fetishists to understand. Panties, legs, stocking, etc, are now well accepted in mainstream. Ask around, you might find some other people like you!


But what if your fetish is something a little more unusual? What about ball busting, crossdressing or erotic asphyxiation? How do you explain something that most people frown upon or don’t even want to try to understand? What if you want her to poop on your chest? Well, I can’t help you there…that’s just something we don’t know anything about. Kidding aside, getting a non-fetishist into something like this can be a daunting task.

If your fetish does happen to be something that the mainstream population would regard as disgusting, degrading, demeaning, illegal, etc, chances are slim that you will easily gain acceptance. Sometimes you just might want to consider keeping that one under wraps for the time being. If you really want to tell your spouse about something like this, you will have to devise a well-thought out plan of attack. Start slow and work into it. Find the right moment and go for it… Or try to get them to understand by demonstration. Poop on her chest first…


Don’t be disappointed if your spouse doesn’t jump on the band wagon right away, it could take some time to adjust to your potentially shocking news. You might have to keep quiet about your fetish until they can accept it.

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