Custom video requests - Tickling, catfights, long hair pulling

Custom video requests - Tickling, catfights, long hair pulling

We get a lot of requests for videos in all kinds of different fetishes and try to provide the best experience for every one. Here are some sample requests that we’ve received.

Long Hair Catfight

Basically I have a thing for beautiful long haired ladies with hair wrapped in towel and for the towel to become loose or unraveled to reveal beautiful long hair.

They can do this in various acts such as putting on makeup/loyiom,while dancing, masturbation, cat fighting, kissing etc. In each scene the such movements will cause the towel on the head to work itself loose and reveal beautiful long hair. I would prefer long hair to be securely wrapped in the towel with no hair sticking out at the tail end of the towel. The towel drops must slip and fall to the back of the model’s head rather than from the front. Do you have pictures of the models you have or can find to work with?

Eyelid Fetish

I’m looking for a fetish video, probably 10 to 15 minutes, of a woman with her eyelids inside out. I’d like her eyelids to be inside out for pretty much the whole video, so if her eyes start to get tired she should let her eyelids go back to normal, then stop recording and rest for a while, and then start recording again when she can flip her eyelids again – if that takes a few days, I’m probably willing to pay for multiple recording sessions. She can be doing anything during the video as long as her eyes are visible on camera, but I’d like it if she talked about eyelid flipping, like how it feels when she does it and how she found out she could do it.

This won’t require props, or special camera setups or staging, so I hope it won’t be too expensive to shoot, but I’m willing to pay a fair price – you can probably imagine how hard it is to find this kind of material! Please email me if you can fulfill this request, or if you know anyone I could ask who would be able to. Thank you in advance!

Tickle Fetish

I have a story for a Tickle Torture clip i’d love to see made into reality. Looking for a slim 18-29 girl to play the ticklee. I’d like the clip to start in a public place…Mall or somewhere. A guy/girl approaches you and begins to talk to you about a project he is working on. He offers you a very large amount of cash for being tied up and tickled. You seem unsure and begin to ask questions (Specifically that you do NOT want to get nude. Also mention that your boyfriend would go mental etc etc).He explains the following challenge.

Tickle Strip. You are tied down for a period of 15 minutes. During this time, there is only one way to stop the merciless tickling. However there is a catch. If you say the safe word. You lose an item of clothing.

You say that you think you could do it, and that he’ll never get your clothes from you etc etc…. The clip cuts to you in the house/studio with him….He tells you to remove your jacket/shoes and socks…to make it fair. He then sits you down and gets you to sign a contract stating the terms….

He then proceeds to tie you up TIGHT…I’d like this to either be standing with your arms tied up above your head (To the ceiling or a doorframe etc…) Or strapped out spreadeagled to a bed. Either way. The bondage must be tight, stop you from pulling your arms down. And most of all inescapeable.

I’d then like him to start tickling you….Playfully at first but soon getting unbearable… You start to realize you made a mistake as you say your safeword and lose clothing over and over again..Until you reach your bra/panties and say your safeword again….You go mental, saying you want out…that you don’t want the money. He reminds you that you signed the contract and that you have no way out. You mention your boyfriend and that you said no nudity etc etc…but he doesn’t listen and asks you to choose. Bra or panties….You get upset and eventually choose bra. He continues to tickle you topless until you eventually say your safeword again.

At this point you are so broken that you don’t complain as he removes your panties. He then puts a gag on you and blindfolds you and tickles you non-stop for the remainder of the clip.

At the end….He brings the camera over to you…removes the gag and the blindfold and tells you to say sorry to your boyfriend (by name). He makes you explain exactly what has just happened to the camera.

Stay tuned for more custom video requests