More custom video requests - Spanking, CEI, Tattoos

More custom video requests - Spanking, CEI, Tattoos
Custom Request for Spanking Video

I am looking for mom/daughter in law spanking movie. Hand and hairbrush, School uniform. Daughter shorter then Mom, petite, dark or blond hair. Not big breasts. Mom will make fun of her body while wearing a school uniform. I like it that her breast are small. Mom can make fun of that. That she is like a boy.

CEI Fetish

I want a cei video done by a brunette that looks like my ex. It would be a cuckold style cei. Can you price that sort of vid along with providing me a gallery to see who would look enough like her?

Head Smashing Fetish

Can you please do a video on spanking. Best positions, best things to use when spanking etc. Maybe even do a demo of the different spanking positions. I’d gladly pay for a clip like that. Maybe give the guy a bare bottom over the knee hand spanking? Hard and fast

Tattoo Fetish

Custom Fetish Request:

I love reading fetish stories about a cute, innocent woman turned into a complete slut with lewd tattoos all over her body. She also gets piercings, heavy makeup, filthy language and a love of giant sex toys to satisfy her urges.

I would love to get a video of a cute, petite blonde transformed into my dream slut. Video would briefly show the woman before the change – cute, petite but otherwise just a normal girl-next-door look.

What I hope to see would be the cute woman now transformed into my dream – slutty tattoos all over her body, piercings, heavy makeup, very-high heels, and sexy clothes which she soon starts stripping off showing off all of her lewd, suggestive tattoos shocking me more and more with the lewdness of her tatts. She also has large hoop piercings on her nipples. She then talks about how horny she is, all of the gangbangs, fisting, and other crazy sex she has been having. Then she shows off some of her new dildo/butt plug collection with fist-size or bigger toys and how much she loves stretching out her holes. She can also talk about some future tattoos that she hopes to get along with huge breast implants, and large, heavy piercings for her pussy and clit.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my custom requests. The more extreme the change in the before/after would really make this a great video to my collection.