What to look for when buying custom videos

What to look for when buying custom videos

Like fetishes themselves, custom producers that create fetish videos are diverse, even though there aren’t many of us out there. It’s a fairly specialized field.

But even so, there are a few basic pointers you can keep in mind when choosing a custom producer to create your videos, pointers which we’ve learned over the years Anatomik has been shooting customs.

#5 Open Mind and Understanding Your Fetish

Custom fetishes may be a small slice of the adult industry, compared to the “mainstream” porn that’s always been the staple of the adult industry (boy-girl / Hustler-type porn), but as the internet evolves, consumers are gradually finding themselves bored with the same videos they see everywhere. Hence, the diversification of the adult market into all sorts of fun fetishes.

If the market is turning more and more towards fetishes, any custom fetish video producer would suffer to be close-minded about any particular fetish. Granted, there are particular fetishes that we decline, but for the most part, custom video producers have to flexible and keep an open mind.

If the custom producer you’re looking to hire is apprehensive about your particular fetish, (and your fetish isn’t something harmful or illegal), then you may want to avoid that particular custom producer.

In addition, if a custom producer you’re looking into seems far too steeped in any particular fetish, and that fetish seems way off the mark from the one you’re looking to create videos for, you may have a hard time getting that producer to understand your fetish or even produce it. And if they don’t understand your fetish, they probably can’t provide the quality of custom videos you need.

#4 Watch out for red flags!

“No surprises!” is the watchword when “getting into bed” with a custom video producer. If they insist you pay them in some strange way, or on a weird schedule, or with some bizarre, foreign currency payment system, it might be a sign that they’re not as legit as they say they are.

Use common sense. Many companies in the custom fetish industry are super-reliable, but some shouldn’t be in business at all. If your questioning it, that probably means you shouldn’t be doing business with that particular producer.

#3 Engaging in the process

One thing we take pride in is the fact that we really involve the customer whenever we do a custom fetish shoot. Some customers like to get extremely involved in the entire casting process, some like to get involved in the art direction or writing, and then others like to just hang back and let us do all the work.

It’s important to us to be able to offer that level of engagement to our clients, because fetishes are, well, fetishes. By their very nature, they’re specialized, and we want to make sure we get every detail right.

Unfortunately, some producers in our field don’t care as much about that. Be sure to find out as much information as possible to make sure it’s the right fit you’re looking for.

#2 Communication

I mentioned a little bit of this earlier, but communication is absolutely vital. Any worthwhile producer is going to respond to your emails and calls within 24-48 hours, be absolutely clear and brief in every communication they have with you, and not ever leave you with the feeling that you don’t understand what you’re purchasing.

Custom fetish video production is just like regular video production: it involves a lot of moving parts. It’s the responsibility of the company to keep you informed and up to date, using language you understand, and not bombard you with b.s. or technobabble or excuses as to why such-and-such fetish isn’t possible to shoot, etc.

Clarity, transparency, ease of communication. Don’t accept anything less from your custom producer.